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Benchwarmer News Archive - 2006

Some of the news from 2006


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  • New players - about 90 - have been added to the player list.  Basically, anyone on a 40-man roster on as of 12/27 is now in the game.
  • Any team that owns Max Scherzer - he is the only unsigned draft pick from 2006.  By rule, he will be removed from the BWB player list - and your team.  Don't keep him as part of your 28 carryovers.


  • Several MLB players were removed from the game since they've announced their retirement.  For our rosters, this affected mostly Brad Radke, but there were a couple others.  They are now off your rosters.  Unlike a few years ago, Roger Clemens hasn't officially "retired" again, so he's still on the player list for now.


  • Minor League Results for 2006.


  • Salaries are now final for the 2007 season.  Teams have been given all the post-season cash that they will get.


  • Player of the Year results are in.  Cash bonuses will be credited after the salary cap money is distributed.


  • 2006 Benchwarmer Playoffs - The Season is Complete!!
  • Congratulations to all the league champions:
    • Hall of Fame League: Milford Mohawks
    • Shadowball: Motley Kruse
    • Beatleball: London Groove Armada
    • Reality Bites: Jersey Sea Shore Jersey Boys
    • Longball League: Nokomis Choo Choo Trains
    • Golden Throat League: Boomer Sooners
    • K Street League: Atco Baseball GURU



  • The Benchwarmer Bash this season will include the 7 league champions and 9 wild card teams (non-champs with the highest BWB Power Index)
  • The winner of the Benchwarmer Bash will get 2 free seasons with their team (in addition to the 1 free year if they were the league champ).  The runner up will get 1 free season.


  • Important Playoff Rule Change - In case you missed the e-mail update, starting pitching performances will be selected from the closest MLB start to the game selected for scoring the game - and no longer has to occur within the 10-game span of games first selected for picking the game.  However, this "closest start" must be within 20 games of the MLB game selected.
  • Major League games in play for the playoffs are games 1-160 (actually up to 162 for starting pitchers).


  • Divisional Playoffs:
    • Shadowball: YYZ 4  Atlanta 3
    • Beatleball: Roseville 10  San Francisco 7
    • Reality Bites: JERSEY SEA SHORE 10  Gashouse 4
    • K Street: South Philly 9  Fort Marquis 3


  • One note about call ups - we figure out all the positions as normal and then see where the call ups might fit in.  We don't necessarily find the best fit like we do for the bench players.  For example, if you have a bench player that's eligible to play 1B and 3B and we stick him at 3B and a Benchwarmer at 1B, we're only looking for someone to play 1B from the call ups - we won't switch the bench player to 1B if we find another 3B (maybe next year, but that was just too much of a re-write).


  • Minor League Results - Sorry, this is an area I couldn't keep up with (I couldn't save stats at a given point throughout the season, so it was always a moving target).  Minor League results this year will be a single recap - utilizing the full-season stats of any players you had on your minor league rosters on the normally scheduled minor league weeks.  Next year I'll hire out the stat gathering.



  • There continue to be some problems in trying to display past weeks' lineups.  The problem comes in the storage and retrieval of the current week number and sometimes it appears that it's stored as text instead of an integer.  I'm fooling around with different ways to fix it, but so far nothing's worked except manual intervention when it breaks.  If you don't see dashes (-----) in the status column of a roster, you're looking at the current week's roster, regardless of what the heading says.


  • FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS - The top 30 2006 picks are now part of the player pool.
    • View them in the player list using the "Other" filter.
    • If a player does not sign with his major league team by the winter meetings or decides to attend college, he is removed from the player pool.


  • Injured Reserve: RULE CLARIFICATION - If a team has a player on IR and trades that player away, the IR designation is wiped out and the new team can put the player on their active roster.
  • Don't forget, if you put a player on IR, you cannot remove him except to cut or trade him - including for the playoffs.


  • Someone wrote to me today that extending anyone to a contract out beyond 2 years is a joke because of the huge cash guarantee you've got to put out (note - in the "early days" it was cheaper and cash was more plentiful).  I'll contend that signing anyone to any contract may be a joke before mid-July...but since they continue to come in, there's an updated analysis of past-season's contract extensions - available from the contract extension page.



  • Hey, there's one lineup workaround I publicize about once a year (now's the time) that you can use if you've got players on your roster, but are cutting them and don't really want to use them in your current week lineup.  
    • For example, let's say you've got some real-life minor leaguers, who make too much to be in the BWB minor leagues, you can't stow them on your taxi squad, and need to fill their spots with someone who's really playing.
    • Cut them.  (And this is only good for cuts, not trades.)
    • Put them on the taxi squad.
    • As long as the players are actually cut, I ignore the 2-player maximum and the players are dropped immediately, not next week.  (If something goes awry with the release, I'll have to adjust your lineups to make room for them again).
    • This assumes you have the players to fill their spots immediately.  You still need to have a legal 26-man major league squad.
    • With the use this September of the taxi squad as "call-ups", I'll add a new option this summer on the lineup pages specifically for cuts.


  • The 2005 Benchwarmer Bash - Championship is over.  For the second straight year, the Beatleball champ takes the crown, with Carlisle coming from a 3-1 deficit to win a close 7-game series.


  • Injured Reserve is now available to teams.  View the Rules Change page for details.  You do this via the Transactions process, not Lineup Changes (start off the process as though you were going to "cut" him).



  • Contract extensions are now open for players.  My suggestion is always - unless you're trying to get under the maximum cash level before Opening Day, you should wait...there's lots of time for ripping up knees and things like that before the extension deadline at the end of July.


  • FYI: is now also a valid web address to use when connecting to the site


  • Redistribution Draft - This is why I normally do this in early January...  The results are in!!! 


  • With the 40-man rosters checked, a new set of players are now available.  There will be no more additions until after Opening Day - players must now appear in a major league game to get added.
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