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Benchwarmer News Archive - 2009

Some of the news from 2009


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  • Returning Leagues:
    • Roster cuts have been processed.  See Transactions for details of who was dropped in your league.
    • Redistribution Draft is Now Open


  • Welcome Back - Jacob Vass resumes blogging at Save the DomeCheck out his BWB-specific writing on top prospects and closers (among other things) in the Benchwarmer world.
  • Returning Leagues: Roster carryover choices are closed.  For those of you who missed the deadline, contact me via email on Tuesday or Wednesday.  The current plan is to post the cuts on Thursday afternoon/evening.  In the meantime, you can look at last year's Redistribution Drafts for some idea on what to expect in the next phase.  Redistribution Draft lists will be due Sunday, Jan 17.


  • Two very common website problems at this time of year and one that happens often...and what to do about them:
    • "I can't find my team -- why do I always go to the New Fairfield Neanderthals roster when I click 'Roster'?" -- New Fairfield is the default team page for guests to BWB (League A1, Team 01).  This means you're not logged in.  The "remember me" feature typically expires in 30 days, but if you've cleared out browser cookies that will do it too.
    • "Why does my team say 'Bonus New Team' - how do I get to my team roster?" -- It's likely you won a bonus team based on your finish in 2009.  If your "remember me" setting has expired (see above), when you log in you might by default go to the bonus team.  Click "Switch Leagues" in the upper left corner of every page - or "Leagues" in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and you'll see all your teams.
    • "The 'Switch Leagues' link is gone, how do I change to one of my other teams?" -- The browser cookie that remembers you have multiple teams also expires...and I believe there are a few site pages that somehow clear it out (sorry...I keep looking for them).  Two ways to fix the "Leagues" link in the navigation bar at the top of the screen and then pick one of your leagues/teams - or log out and log on again.  The link will return.


  • Experts League - we have a new expert for 2010 (and another one lined up but not yet 100% confirmed):
    • Mark Schruender fills out our Blogs Division by taking over for Fantasy Bullpen.  He's an independent blogger and is currently running through his top 150 players for 2010 at Fantasy Baseball Hot Stove.


  • Player List Changes - We dropped about 200 players from the list no longer in baseball BUT we've also added 132 new players who were on the 40-man rosters.  This is the final addition of players until after the season begins.


  • Recently read at our Experts Links... while some are covering the end of fantasy football, attention is moving toward 2010...
    • Colin Hager on the Elmhurst Pub Roundtable writes about the impact of early moves of free agents and trades.
    • Howard Bender starts a series of Keeper League Advice on
    • Check out the results of our first season at the Experts League - and we're looking to to fill some spots for the league in the 2010 season - do you have a favorite blog, radio show, or writer?  Let me know and I'll pass on an invite for 2010.



  • Award season is done - and the 2010 Salaries are now final after changes for premium salary adjustments.
  • Second trading period now open - deadline is Friday night Dec. 4 at midnight Pacific.
  • Carryover decisions due Dec 26.  Start now - visit your team roster page to start making cuts.


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Finals matchup: Oklahoma (Hall of Fame) vs. Aksarben (K Street);  Phil Dang vs. Don Kruse. 
    • The winner gets 2 free seasons for his team plus a spot in the Experts League for 2010.
    • Series Complete - Games 1-7 now posted.
    • Congratulations Don Kruse!


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Semifinals Complete - Games 1-5 Posted. Finals posted on Monday night!
  • Hey - are you coming back in 2010?  Answer yes or no by October 31 November 7 (last call...).  You cannot participate in off-season trades or start picking your carry over players until you answer "Yes."  Teams with no response will be turned into orphan teams this week.




  • Are you in the Twin Cities area?  I still have openings for Twins Season Tickets in the new ballpark in 2010.  Contact me for details.
  • Returning leagues: You can work on choosing your carryover players - decisions are due 12/11/09.  Go to your team roster page for the link.
  • Returning leagues: There are 2 off-season trading periods - the first one has a deadline of Monday 11/23/09.
  • Do you own several BWB Teams?  You might want to consider the Benchwarmer Benefactor program.  It's a large upfront investment, but you never need to pay for another BWB team again (league packages excluded).


  • As I get more "no" answers, the list of available orphan teams for 2010 grows.  Maybe you want to try your hand at rebuilding a troubled franchise.  Maybe you've got a friend who would like to try out BWB without the draft - or to get into your same league.  Check out the list!


  • Benchwarmer Bash - Federation Semifinals Complete - Games 1-7 posted (look for the links for Federation Results on the Bash page).
  • Sorry - there was a problem during the creation of the box scores on the federation semifinals...there will be no box scores for this round, but it will be fixed for the next round.




  • Returning leagues: You can now begin choosing your carryover players - decisions are due 12/11/09.  Go to your team roster page for the link.
  • Returning leagues: There are 2 off-season trading periods - the first one is open now with deadline Monday 11/23/09.
  • Lots of changes:
    • New leagues now available to join for 2010
    • Bonus teams awarded to winning teams in 2010
    • Player salaries updated for 2010 - These are not yet final.  "Premium adjustments" will be added in late November.
    • Positions updated for 2010 - Any position with an "x" listed is a minor leaguer not yet verified and subject to change.
    • Salary cap money distributed; Post season rewards given to winning teams.
    • Payment table set up for 2010.  There is an early payment discount if you pay before December 1.
  • With the salary changes and players removed from IR, you will likely now have illegal rosters.  That's OK.  When you pick your players to keep/drop, that will take care of that situation.



  • Championship Week - Game 7 Posted
  • See Playoffs - All Leagues
  • Congratulations League Champions
    • Hall of Fame - Oaxaca Revolution - Sherman Wan
    • Shadowball - Medford Pulp Fiction - Chris Bellina
    • Chevy Chase - Key West Fins - Phil Dang
    • Beer - Chang Beer Monkeys - Dave Regan
    • Beatleball - Los Anaheim Anklebiters of Angeles - Jeff Deeble
    • Redbirds - Prairie Chickens - Roland Dupont
    • Reality Bites - London 2012 Olympians - Scott Campbell & Leif Jonson
    • Three of a Kind - Vegas Strip Poker - Phil Dang
    • Longball - Nokomis Choo Choo Trains - Jacob Vass
    • Golden Throat - Newport News Aliens & Predators - Chris Bellina
    • Experts - JerseyHitmen - Joe Lano
    • Triple Crown - Oakdale Barrons - Nick Wallin
    • Deuces Wild - Austrian Goldbugs - Adam Wilson
    • K Street - India Cricketeers - Matt Strawbridge
    • Commissioners - Humpback Camels - Roland Dupont
    • Blue and Gray - Charleston Cannon Fodder - Jerry King
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - South Hills California Elite - Michael Quinn
  • Benchwarmer Bash - Field complete


  • Championship Week - Games 3 & 4 Rescored - Games 5 & 6 Posted


  • Championship Week Underway - Games 1 & 2 Posted.
  • All roster history for 2009 will be cleared out this weekend - only the current roster will remain after that.
  • Benchwarmer Bash lineups are due Friday night at midnight Pacific.


  • Playoffs - First Round Complete - Games 6 & 7 now posted.  Check your league home page for the link to the "2009 Benchwarmer Playoffs".
  • Lineups for the 2nd round of playoffs are due Friday night at midnight Pacific (if you care to change them).  You can reorder your pitching rotation without worrying about number of games of rest.


  • Playoffs Begin!! - Game One of all the series is now posted.


  • Playoff Brackets now posted - See your league's home page for the link.
  • Congratulations to owners with multiple division winners:
    • 4 Teams - Tom Twomey, Matt Strawbridge, Jerry King, Phil Dang + Leif Jonson's solo title along with his co-owned teams.
    • 3 Teams - Dave Regan, Andy Marquis, Roland Dupont, and the Scott Cambell/Leif Jonson combo.
    • 2 Teams - Sherman Wan, Chris Bellina, Don Kruse, Mike Prohaska, and Jon Swanson


  • Tiebreakers for Division Position and Playoff Seeding.
  • Oops! Forgot these...Week 25 Statistics and Players of the Week.
  • Week 26 Deadline - Lineups Only for Playoffs - moved back to Wednesday night 10/7 at midnight Pacific.


  • Divisional Playoffs!!!
    • Deuces Wild - Brett Division:
      • Savannah Engineers at Everglades Alligators
      • Everglades wins 9-4.  Box Score
      • First season for league - (owner Michael Lehman)
    • Redbirds - Brock Division:
      • Hyderabad Hackers at Manalapan Monchichis
      • Hyderabad wins 11-7  Box Score
      • First title for team - 24 GB in 2008.  (owner Matt Strawbridge - 4th win in 2009)


  • Week 25 Complete...sort of - Game 150 Posted.
  • 2 Leagues need a 1-game playoff to decide things
    • Deuces Wild - Brett Division: Savannah lost and Everglades won to force the tiebreaker.  They split the season series 9-9, but with the better division record, Everglades will host the final game.
    • Redbirds - Brock Division: Hyderabad and Manalapan both lost again in Game 150.  Manalapan won the season series 13-5 and will host the tiebreaker.
  • More Division Champions:
    • Beatleball League - Harrison Division: Carlisle Thunderpants (owner Mark Groninger) - 6th consecutive division title; 14 GB after Week 11
    • Commissioners League - Ueberroth Division: Talladega Smoke (owners E.J. Camburn) - League's first season
    • Experts - Print Division: Rock Ridge Specials (owner Jerry King - 4th win in 2009) - Last expert to claim title
    • Golden Throat League - Ernie Harwell Division: Twin Cities Fighting Carp (owner Jon Swanson - 2nd win in 2009) - 1st Title after 2nd place finish in 2008.
    • Longball League - McGuire Division: Nokomis Choo Choo Trains (owner Jacob Vass) - 5th straight Division Title; Won final game vs. Heartland to advance
    • Redbirds League - Smith Division: Republic of South Africa 2010 World Cup Soccer (owners Scott Campbell & Leif Jonson - 3rd win together in 2009) - 1st Win; Swept Hanso in last series to win.


  • More Division Champions:
    • Beer League - Malt Division: Sam Adams Love Schnack (owner Doug Schnack) - 2nd Title but first under this orphan pickup owner
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Drysdale Division: Team Japan 2009 Champs (owners Scott Campbell & Leif Jonson - 2nd win together in 2009) - League's first season
    • Blue and Gray League - Sherman Division: Dixie Rebels (owner Phil Dang - 4th win in 2009) - League's first season
    • Golden Throat League - Bob Prince Division: New Delhi Tigers (owner Matt Strawbridge - 3rd win in 2009) - 1st Title after 3 straight 2nd-place finishes (1 GB in 2008)
    • Triple Crown League - Robinson Division: Kylertown Shoeless Joes (owner Aaron Tiracorda) - League's first season


  • More Division Champions:
    • Beer League - Water Division: Elsinore Hosers (owner Anthony Citarella) - Defending League Champ back again
    • Beer League - Yeast Division: Chang Beer Monkeys (owner Dave Regan - 2nd win in 2009) - 1st Title in Orphan takeover season; 34 GB in 2008
    • Blue and Gray League - Lee Division: Badtown Brawlers (owner Mike Himich) - League's first season
    • Experts League - Airwaves Division: Hogan's Heroes (owner Leif Jonson - 2nd win in 2009 - 1st solo) - BWB vet takes Expert League Division
    • Experts League - Blogs Division: RotoBuzz Boyzz (owner Howard Bender) - Fends off
    • Hall of Fame League - Wagner Division: Boar's Nest (owner Dave Regan - 3rd win in 2009) - 7 straight Division Titles; League Champ '03 & '05
    • K Street League - Seaver Division: Altoona Thunder Chicken (owner Jerry King - 3rd win in 2009) - 2nd straight division win.
    • K Street League - Perry Division: Hawaii Islanders (owner Mark Currie) - 1st title after 2nd place finishes in '05 and '08
    • Redbirds League - Dean Division: Prairie Chickens (owner Roland Dupont - 3rd win in 2009) - 2nd Crown in League's 2nd season
    • Three of a Kind League - Beckley Division: Death Valley Chubascos (owner Allan Hodgson) - 1st Title in Orphan takeover season; 19 GB in 2008


  • More Division Champions:
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Campanella Division: Pygmy Raiders (owner Roland Dupont - 2nd win in 2009) - League's first season.
    • Chevy Chase League - Emmit Fitz-Hume Division: NJ MOJO (owner Michael Gaston) - 1st Title; Orphan team takeover in 2009
    • Deuces Wild League - Musial Division: Washington Insiders (owner Don Kruse - 2nd win in 2009) - League's first season.
    • Golden Throat League - Jack Buck Division: Philadelphia Firestarters (owner Bill Stingle) - 3rd Title; Back after being 17 GB in 2008
    • Golden Throat League - Haray Carey Division: Newport News Aliens & Predators (owner Chris Bellina - 2nd win in 2009) - 2nd straight division championship
    • Hall of Fame League - Cooperstown Division: Oaxaca Revolution (owner Sherman Wan - 2nd win in 2009) - 5th Straight Division Title; Defending League Champ
    • Reality Bites League - American Idol Division: Frostbite Falls Moose & Squirrel (owner Andy Marquis - 3rd win in 2009) - One of worst BWB teams ever in 2007; Marquis took over and has 2 straight titles.


  • More Division Champions:
    • Beatleball League - Starr Division: Displaced New Yorkers (owner Adam Wilson - 2nd win in 2009) - 4th title; Defending Conference Champ
    • Chevy Chase League - Ty Webb Division: Clark's Lubricated Sledders (owner Brad Barfield) - 1st Time St. Cloud didn't win; 36 GB in 2008.
    • Chevy Chase League - Fletch F. Fletch Division: Dallas Lumber Co. (owner Richard Morgan) - 1st time San Berdoo didn't win; 3rd place in previous 2 years
    • Longball League - Mays Division: Mudville Nine (owner Rob Behymer) - 2nd win; Conference champ in 2007
    • Longball League - Killebrew Division: Sri Lanka Stingrays (owner Matt Strawbridge - 2nd win in 2009) - 1st title after 2 straight 2nd-place finishes.
    • Reality Bites League - Fear Factor Division: London 2012 Olympians (owners Scott Campbell & Leif Jonson) - 3rd title; Back after 1-year absence
    • Reality Bites League - Bachelor Division: Gladstone Sleeping Dalbradors (owner Tim McAfee) - 2nd win; Conference champ in 2006
    • Redbirds League - Slaughter Division: Montara PacSox (owner Sherman Wan) - Took orphan team from 107 losses to 1st division win
    • Shadowball League - Memphis Red Sox Division: Jundland Wastes (owner Dave Regan) - 2nd Title; Most wins in team history


  • More Division Champions:
    • Beer League - Hops Division: Surly Furious (owner Jon Swanson) - 1st title - 24 GB in 2008
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Reese Division: West Coast Speed Demons (owner Craig Burke) - League's first season.
    • Bleed Dodger Blue League - Sutton Division: South Hills California Elite (owner Michael Quinn) - League's first season.
    • Commissioners League - Chandler Division: Detroit Pizza Pizzas (owner Mike Prohaska - 2nd win in 2009) - League's first season.
    • Commissioners League - Frick Division: Humpback Camels (owner Roland Dupont) - League's first season.
    • Deuces Wild League - Cobb Division: Erie Great Lakers (owner Gary Renwick) - League's first season.
    • Shadowball League - Pittsburgh Crawfords Division: Jersey City Dirty Bombs (owner Tom Twomey - 4th win in 2009) - 4th win - yet to win a conference title
    • Three of a Kind League - Wagner Division: Havana Lounge Lizards (owner Jerry King - 2nd win in 2009) - First title; 101 losses in 2008.
    • Triple Crown League - Yaztrzemski Division: Pittsburgh RoHo's (owner Giuseppe Rosselli) - League's first season.


  • More Division Champions:
    • Beatleball League - McCartney Division: Lake Wobegon Whippetts (owner Andy Marquis) - 2nd Division Title - League Champ 2007
    • Commissioners League - Giamatti Division: South Park Butters (owner Tom Twomey - 2nd win in 2009) - League's first season.
    • Hall of Fame League - Cobb Division: Springfield Isotopes (owner Andy Marquis - 2nd win in 2009) - 4th Division Crown - 1st since 2006; League Champ 2000
    • Hall of Fame League - Ruth Division: Oklahoma Rufneks (owner Phil Dang - 2nd win in 2009) - 5th Division Title for franchise - 2 in a row - League Champ 2006
    • Reality Bites League - Amazing Race Division: Sea Isle City Sandsharks (owner Robert Elias) - 2nd Title; League Champ 2006
    • Three of a Kind League - Connor Division: Vegas Strip Poker (owner Phil Dang - 3rd win in 2009) - First title; 2nd place last year
    • Three of a Kind League - Speaker Division: Hudson River 3-Eyed Fish (owner Tom Twomey - 3rd win in 2009) - Defending League Champ in league's 2nd season
    • Triple Crown League - Medwick Division: Oakdale Barrons (owner Nick Wallin) - League's first season.


  • Reminder: Week 24 - deadline Monday night - is the last week to pick up a player in the 2009 season.  Week 25 is cuts and IR moves only.
  • More Division Champions:
    • Beatleball League - Lennon Division: Los Anaheim Anklebiters of Angeles (owner Jeff Deeble) - 3rd Division Title - No conference titles
    • Blue and Gray League - Grant Division: Detroit Repeat Offenders (owner Mike Prohaska) - League's first season.
    • Chevy Chase League - Clark W. Griswold, Jr. Division: Key West Fins (owner Phil Dang) - 3rd straight title - yet to win conference
    • Deuces Wild League - Biggio Division: Austrian Goldbugs (owner Adam Wilson) - League's first season.
    • Experts League - Web Division: JerseyHitmen (owner Joe Lano) - First expert to claim a division
    • Longball League - Robinson Division: Edgewater Good Fellas (owner Tom Twomey) - First title; beat out last year's Bash Champion.


  • Another Division Champion:
    • K Street League - Blyleven Division: India Cricketeers (owner Matt Strawbridge) - First title; breaks South Philly's 3-year title streak.


  • Three More Division Champions:
    • Shadowball League - Chicago American Giants Division: Las Vegas Billionaries (owner Jim Sowerby) - 2nd title; League Champ in 2007.
    • Shadowball League - Birmingham Black Barons Division: Medford Pulp Fiction (owner Chris Bellina) - First title; 91 losses in 2008.
    • Triple Crown League - Klein Division: Uranus Ramrod (owner Dan Pierson) - League's first season


  • Our first Division Champion:
    • Blue and Gray League - Jackson Division: Charleston Cannon Fodder (owner Jerry King)




  • Trade deadline: has passed.


  • Season is 2/3 complete.


  • Thanks for putting up with my constant warnings about contract extensions.  But it paid off as I only had to reverse about 3 or 4 on deadline day (one of them mine!), which might be a new record.


  • Contract Extensions are closed for the season.


  • Teams without confirmed payments are now blocked from transactions - can't remember if you've paid yet?
  • The next payment deadline is July 30 - at that point, if you're not paid you'll be blocked from lineup changes.  (If not paid by August 15, you'll lose your team).


  • No more salary rebates for cut players for the remainder of the season.  Free agent signings are now locked at 40% salary assumption.  Trades will continue to have reduced salary assumption and rebates each week.


  • Scoring notes:
    • When translating the scoring formula to text to display in the rules, I made a mistake on the save formula (someone recently asked me why the save score in the raw scores didn't appear correct).  I'll post that fix soon so that the rules match how we've scored the games since 2000.
    • On the Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter: Our rules state that the superior performance pitching reduction for a no-hitter is -3 and it is -4 for a perfect game.  In order to automate the scoring several years ago, the game code was written to fix 9 IP with 0 hits and 0 walks as a -4 reduction.  Technically, Sanchez did not throw a perfect game, but we're going to keep the code that way (he did his part).



  • The season is half complete.


  • Contract Extensions are due by the end of July - final deadline is July 28 - this gives you five more transaction periods (no rush).
  • Before you do any contract extensions, check out the final two regular season installments of the BWB Primer:


  • Teams received an extra 1 million in cash during the Week 12 transactions (last deadline in June...another million handed out during the last transactions of July).


  • First round draft picks now added to the player list.  Use the "Other" filter on the player lists to find them.


  • 2009 Payment Deadlines established.  Due to my own employment situation, I've wanted to spread out the 2009 season payments rather than get them all at one shot.  However, we should start clearing this all up as we near the halfway point of the season.  Please consider these payment guidelines for 2009:
    • If your team is not yet paid, you will see the link "Check your team payment for next season" on your team roster page below the team changes link.  If the link is not there, your team is paid.
    • You can also view your overall payment information for all teams
    • All packages are paid in one payment for the whole group.
    • Payment deadlines below refer to receiving payment.  Credit card payments are most convenient and provide archived records, but if you're mailing a check, please allow time for receipt.
    • Payment Deadlines and Restrictions (these are the updated dates from the BWB rules)
      • July 15: Teams not yet paid will be unable to make roster changes (adds/drops/trades/extensions).
      • July 30: Teams not yet paid will be unable to change lineups
      • Aug 15: Teams not yet paid will forfeit ownership to the BWB league office.
    • One of the main points of setting the deadlines is to try to clean out teams with absentee owners so that we can salvage a little bit of the season and make the teams competitive.  The August 15 deadline is really too late to accomplish this in a meaningful way.  I ask that if you have not yet paid for your team and you don't intend to do so, please let me know NOW rather than just letting the deadline come around so that we can find a replacement owner in a timely manner.


  • We're 1/3 through the season.


  • All teams received an extra 1 million Benchwarmer Bucks (another 1 million will be awarded during the last transactions of June and July).


  • Orphan Teams.  Prices for orphans are now reduced to $20 for the balance of the season.  Email us if interested.


  • Some observations on some things I'm seeing in transactions and lineups - you may want to take a look:
    • In a repeat of a note last made here on Feb. 20, but should also be evident on your transaction index page:  Putting someone on Injured Reserve is a season-long move.  It's like the NFL version of the IR, you can cut or trade the player, but you can't put him back on the active roster until next year.  Use the "Taxi Squad" as our version of a temporary disabled list.
    • Noted in February - time to look at it again - if you are unfamiliar with contract extensions (or even if you are), please read this blog entry for some reminders before you submit any extensions.
    • Noted below on May 7 - Please use the "Cut" lineup designation rather than storing extra guys on your taxi squad or minor league roster.
  • John Murphy - repeating - maybe someone who knows him can tell him: the email you used to sign up does not appear to accept any email - you're not getting any messages from us or anyone else in your league.  (Please update your personal information).



  • Are you getting web errors - like unable to connect?  Slow connections?  Timeouts?  Unable to update transactions or lineups?
    • There have been enough instances (and I'm hit by it too when I try to do updates) that I'm considering switching web providers - but it's unlikely that I can make that change mid-season.
    • Until then - some simple advice - if you're hitting problems, step away for awhile and try later.  Since you usually have 5-6 days after transaction processing to make your next changes, this shouldn't be too much of an issue.  In a perfect world, I'd say avoid waiting until close to the weekly deadline (I guess try that as much as possible). 


  • "Cut" and "Inj" lineup designations...reminders:
    • Please, please, PLEASE, don't store cut players any longer as a 3rd taxi squad player or 13th minor leaguer.  You make me very grumpy because I have to change the designation for you to make your roster legal.  Release the player in your transactions and then go to change the lineup and you'll find the "Cut" option available.
    • You still need to be able to fill your roster for a given week.  The "Cut" or "Inj" option is a workaround to make room on your weekly active roster for someone on your taxi squad or minor league roster to replace a guy you're getting rid of or putting on IR a week earlier than normal.  But, if you're cutting your 5th bullpen pitcher for example and don't have anyone to replace him in the current week (it takes another week for your newly-signed replacement to be active), you need to keep him in the lineup.


  • Are you off to a slow start?  Perhaps some good news - you now get to play teams outside your division for the next several weeks.
  • New to BWB and having a little trouble on the timing of lineup changes?
    • In reality, you're trying to hit a moving target.  BWB is a game where you need to think ahead as much as possible.  Like many fantasy games, you're setting your lineup for a week at a time (and not changing every day).  What sucks (and I'll admit it) is the lag time between setting your lineup for a week and when those games are actually played.  But if you're waiting 2 weeks after a guy hits the DL to pull him out of the lineup...well, by the time you take him out he might actually be coming back to active duty.
    • Basically though - right now for Friday night you're setting your lineups for Week 5 - for what most players will be doing in MLB next week - you just won't see the results until about 5-7 days after that.
    • You also need to think ahead because it takes a week for new signings to be available for your lineup.  As Dave Regan puts it, you need to have a "fairly all-weather lineup" able to withstand a few injuries, etc.  Check out a new feature on Dinks and Dunks called "BWB Newbie School" for more hints.


  • A note on incorrect stats and stat corrections
    • The stat files for April 22 had some incorrect data for Scott Baker, David Purcey, and Jair Jurrjens - the errors caused their IP values to be zero for that game.  That means in the BWB games they were used, the bullpens were needed for more innings (and probably gave up more runs).  Someone with Baker on his team noticed the problem yesterday.
    • Our listed rule for stat corrections is that once a BWB game is in the books, we don't go back to switch it -  but we'll correct stats if we know about them in time.  (Scroll to the bottom of that linked page for the rule).  It's tempting to go back and try to fix this, but that goes against rule and precedent - this actually happens several times a season...we just don't alert you every time.
    • Everyone who has Baker in their rotation has already had this incorrect stat used (anywhere between BWB Games 10-16).  Purcey's and Jurrjens' were used a couple of times.  Any UNUSED instance of the April 22 start still in pitching queues for Purcey and Jurrjens will be fixed.
    • BWB has a new stat collection service this season - as a result of being alerted of this problem, we've put in a check for this specific error and today added routines to check updated box scores for corrections - which have already yielded results.  As an example, a corrected box score received today changed Zach Miner's ER from 5 to 0 for his May 2nd start.  This time we were lucky in that no BWB game had already used the incorrect stat.
    • The rules page on stat corrections also is a timely reminder about when stats for suspended games count.


  • Doing away with another of the old Robot Baseball conventions....We've added a secondary position for pitchers if they were originally listed as starters and have several bullpen appearances or were listed as relievers and have 2 or more starts.  This will be updated once per week (while fielding positions are updated as soon as they are detected).  As always, you may put a pitcher in a starting/bullpen role regardless of designation - this is meant to help you with setting lineups and picking up players.
  • League histories updated for all leagues that began in 2008 and earlier (see your league home page).  League records are now updated for all leagues and for the BWB-wide records.



  • No game updates today...the Oakland rainout on Wed. pushes us back a day.


  • Site addition - When you visit other leagues, the statistics and POW links are now active.  You can check out the stats of other leagues (plus you can switch from league to league on the stat index page).


  • Week 3 transaction order will be the first week to be set based on 2009 win-loss records.  This will get updated after the Week 1 games are completed.


  • It's Opening Day!!!


  • New players are now added to the player list when transactions are processed.  When you view Free Agents, you should choose "Week x" in the "New in 2009" drop down list (new players are always listed under the first transaction week they are available).


  • Deuces Wild League Draft Central. - - Phase 2 draft is Complete.  The league enters the normal transaction cycle with the deadline of Sunday night.
  • New Entries in the BWB Primer
    • Explanation about the starting pitching queue


  • One more transaction delay.  Since the final Deuces Wild draft results won't be posted until Saturday morning/afternoon, the Week 1 lineup/transaction deadline is shifted back to Sunday night (midnight Pacific)
  • New Entries in the BWB Primer
    • Explanation about our weekly transaction/lineup deadlines
    • Batting order tips
    • Pitching tips


  • To learn more about Benchwarmer Baseball, check out the BWB Tour.  We're not starting any more new leagues in 2009, but we do have some orphan teams left.  Prices for orphans are only $30 - and with these you get a chance to help finish building them from scratch.  Email us or sign up now if interested.


  • The BWB Primer - some in-between-the-lines interpretations and explanation of the rules.  This is a series that will be posted on the Benchwarmer Blog the rest of this week.


  • What do you need to know about Week Zero transactions?  Check out this blog entry for greater depth, but in summary:
    • Transaction deadline is Monday night at midnight Eastern.
    • You must have a legal roster after this week or the BWB office will fill your roster for you.
    • For leagues formed in 2008 and earlier - the maximum cash you can take into this season is 5 million Benchwarmer Bucks.  You'll get cut down to that level this week if you're over it.
    • After all is said and done, every team will get an extra 2 million before Week 1 (Deuces Wild - you'll get yours when the draft is done).


  • 4 new Orphan Teams - These teams were started up to get the Deuces Wild League rolling.  Prices for orphans are only $30 - and with these you get a chance to help finish building them from scratch.  Email us if interested.
  • Triple Crown League Draft Central - Phase 2 draft is Complete.  The league enters the normal transaction cycle with the deadline of Monday night.




  • Experts League Draft Central - Phase 2 draft is Complete.  The league enters the normal transaction cycle with the deadline of Sunday night.



  • Don't forget about our three official BWB Blogs - you'll find scattered in there some draft advice for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 drafts.










  • We've had some starts and stops in trying to get a full league and the draft done for our Experts League but we finally got through Phase One this weekend.
    • Check out the league, with divisions broken down by the basic type of media in which they work.  We've also added two of our own experts, with last year's Benchwarmer Bash champion and runner up.
    • View the draft results and track how they do in Phase Two
    • Visit their team pages to learn more about our experts (don't have all their bios yet) and visit their links.
    • You'll also find a special section of all their sites and blogs on our Links page. Please check them out!





  • For new owners who have taken over orphan teams, a quick warning before anyone takes this step:  Putting someone on Injured Reserve is a season-long move.  It's like the NFL version of the IR, you can cut or trade the player, but you can't put him back on the active roster until next year.  Use the "Taxi Squad" as our version of a disabled list. 
  • Do you have teams in more than one league?  View all your rosters on one page (this link appears on your team roster page too)


  • Owner Referrals - Benchwarmer Baseball is still primarily a word-of-mouth game.  You can help build the game and reap a reward yourself.  Tell a friend about Benchwarmer and have them list your name when they sign up.  You'll receive a $5 credit for your team fee (credited next season if you've already paid) if your friend joins.
  • A reminder about our three official blogs:



  • Starting this week, BWB will send out automated e-mail reminders regarding problems, errors, or missing submissions for Phase One and Phase Two drafts and weekly transaction submissions.  In the next few weeks, we'll add lineup warnings to that as well.  These will go out roughly 24 hours before a deadline - though often sooner and with greater frequency for startup drafts (particularly in situations like the Commissioners League when we need everyone to submit).  This isn't fully automatic yet - it will take some administrative intervention - so don't rely on it 100% at this time.  It's meant to try to reduce the number of incomplete transactions thrown out on a weekly basis or other manual jiggering by the league office.


  • Are you drafting a first year league?  Take a look at how the drafts went last year for examples:
    • 2008 - Redbirds League
    • 2008 - Three of a Kind League
    • You can also view this years drafts - look for the "Draft Central" links here on the home page - you don't need to be a member of that league to see progress.





  • A new official BWB Blogger joins the ranks - Jacob Vass.  One of our original 12 players, his Nordeast team won the 2002 Hall of Fame League and he's a 2-time champ in the Longball League.  Check out Save the Dome


  • Two more experts join our Experts League
  • You can view all the links for our group of experts on their individual team pages in the Experts League and on our Links page.
  • We're still looking for experts - and trying to find experts across a broad media spectrum - if you know of anyone who writes a newspaper/magazine column or talks fantasy baseball/sports on radio or TV let me know.  Maybe even better - if you're a reader/listener, let them know directly about Benchwarmer.




  • When you submit transactions - to sign or cut - make sure you are setting a transaction round and the type of transaction.  15-20 submissions were discarded this week.


  • A reminder for all returning leagues that we're in the winter free agency/trading period.  Transactions are processed once per week with Friday night deadlines (midnight Pacific time).  Results will normally be posted on Saturday or Sunday - at which time the next transaction week opens up.
    • Weekly transaction dates
    • A more low-key off season process means that our transaction order changes each week differently than during the season.  We start off this week based on last season's record, but every time you successfully pick up a player, you go back down to the bottom of the order (and that's maintained for the next week).  So, if you sit out for a few weeks, you're likely to be picking at the top of the order next time you make an attempt.
    • For every player you pick up, you pay 100% of the salary.  If you cut a player, you get a 50% salary rebate (except for players under contract and players making 200 or below).
    • You can only take a maximum 5 million Benchwarmer Bucks into the new season after Transaction Week Zero.
    • Contract extensions will open again in February.  At this time of year, you'd probably only want to utilize that if you're trying to reduce your cash balance below the 5 million level.


  • What's coming up in the next 2-3 months before Opening Day with Benchwarmer Baseball?
    • Obviously, new leagues - we're near "critical mass" for draft size in two of them, including a live draft experiment on Jan 31.
    • A new Experts League.  We have one confirmed entry and several outstanding invites as I attempt to find "experts" of all sorts.  If you know of a possible person, please let me know.  In the meantime, you can check out the writing of our first expert, Alex Geshwind, from Fantasy Bullpen.
    • An update of all the league records (really!).
    • A way to see all of your players - across all leagues - on one page.  This could be helpful for those of you owning more than a couple teams and needing to check where you own a guy who just went on the DL, for example.
    • A discussion of some possible future rule changes (starting soon - not there yet) on the Benchwarmer Baseball Blog


  • Rosters, free agent lists, and cash balances are now updated following the Redistribution Draft.  The first period for winter free agent signings and trades is now open, with a Friday night deadline for submissions (midnight Pacific).
  • All Redistribution Draft results are now posted, with the addition of Beatleball, Golden Throat, and Longball Leagues.


  • See the Transactions page for a Master List of all players that you can download (check under the Player Lists heading).


  • We have our first official BWB Blogger - Dave Regan.  He's in 2-3 leagues, but most notably he runs Boar's Nest in the Hall of Fame League with six straight divisional titles.  Check out Dinks and Dunks


  • Happy New Year!   For those who helped draft Orphan lists - THANKS!

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