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Benchwarmer News Archive - 2012

Some of the news from 2012


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  • Results of carryover choices posted.  View the Transactions page to see the cuts in your league.
  • The 2013 Redistribution Draft is now open.  You have 3 weeks to make your selections (see the link on your team roster).  Deadline is Sunday night 1/20/13 at midnight Pacific.


  • New players are now in the BWB player list.  Look for players marked as "added in January 2013."  No further additions until after Opening Day.


  • Carryover selections for 2013 are locked.  Look for results to be posted by the end of Sunday, Dec. 30.
  • Our first 2013 league is full and ready to draft! - the Pacific Northwest League is the first to kick off:


  • We're now in the final week to make your carryover choices - the deadline is Sunday, Dec. 23.  You may keep up to 28 players on your roster - everyone else will have to go into the free agent pool.  You must have enough cash to pay for all the players now and this is all the cash you will get until Opening Day.  And you must comply with all roster limits for salaries over 250.
  • Just in time for the last week - if you've got more than one team you can check all your teams for errors in carryover selections.  You can also find this link on the multiteam tools page.


  • I think we're now final on the list of teams/owners coming back in 2013.  Here's the current list of orphan teams that are available.  Email us if you want to pick up one of these teams.



  • Fall Trading Period #1 (Week 29) Transactions - Results posted. The 2nd trading period is now open with deadline Friday Dec. 7.
  • Any trades with Bryan Lahair were voided as he's now signed to play in Japan and is out of the BWB player universe.  Lahair has been removed from all rosters and the master player list (Brooks Conrad too)


  • Prep for 2013:
    • Are you keeping your team(s) in 2013?  Please visit your team roster pages or go here to indicate whether or not you're going to retain ownership of the team in 2013.  Deadline is November 30 or your team will be classified an orphan team.
    • Post-season Fall Trading - Now open - deadlines are Friday 11/23 and Friday 12/7.  See the transaction schedule  There is no salary component to these trades - the new owners will be fully liable for the 2013 salary that will be charged in December.  You must be confirmed as returning with your team in order to play a role in a trade.
    • Roster limits are not enforced now - including trades.  When you cut down to 28 players, that will get all teams in line.
    • 2013 Salaries:  Final salaries are posted.
    • All 2013 positions set.  Some positions for minor leaguers were not final at the October 30 posting.
    • You can also start picking your players to keep/cut.  You can keep up to 28 on your roster.  Final decisions are due December 23.


  • Moving Forward into 2013:
    • 2013 Salaries: Preliminary Salaries PostedThe salaries are subject to premium increases and are not final.  Final salaries are likely to be set just before Thanksgiving.
    • 2013 Salary Cap is 42787, up from 41974 last year.  New leagues get 43000.  Check the team finances page to see the actual cash distributed to each league.  All teams have received this cash.


  • Benchwarmer Bash. Finals Complete - Games 1-7 posted.
    • Congratulations to Jesse Roche winner of the 2012 Benchwarmer Bash with Crumpton Roches from the Winners Circle League.
    • Greg Flees is the runner up with Wisconsin from Bleed Dodger Blue.
    • Jesse is our first 2-time Bash winner.  He won in 2011 with a different team.
    • Jesse gets 2 free seasons in BWB - Greg gets 1 free season.


  • Benchwarmer Bash. Semifinals Complete - Games 1-6 posted.
    • Sets up the final of Greg Flees' Wisconsin vs Jesse Roche's Crumpton
    • Updated Bash Bracket


  • Benchwarmer BashQuarterfinals - Complete - Games 1-7 posted.
  • Congratulations to owners with multiple league championships:
    • Tom Twomey - 6 (18 division champions)
    • Mike Prohaska - 4 (11 division champions)
    • Michael Quinn - 4 (13 division champions)
    • Jesse Roche - 3 (4 division champions)
    • Robert Elias - 2 (4 division champions)


  • Benchwarmer Bash. We're down to the final eight:
    • Eight Federation champions advance to the Quarterfinal round of the Benchwarmer Bash.
    • The top seed advanced in 6 of the 8 Federations and we have the top 3 teams (out of 512) in Power Index represented.
  • Benchwarmer Bash.  Federation Finals Complete - Games 5-7 posted -- click on Federation Results links to see game scores.
  • Benchwarmer Bash.  League champions advance to fight it out to be the single winner for all of Benchwarmer Baseball.  We start off with Federation Semifinals - Games 1-7 posted.


  • 2012 Benchwarmer Playoffs Complete - Game 7 posted.
    • See your league home page for a link to the playoff results
    • OR - start here: Playoffs for all leagues
    • Want to ignore all the "losers" tournaments? - Championship Series for All Leagues
    • Benchwarmer Bash for league champions begins with Federation play next week.  Lineup changes, if desired, for the Bash are due TONIGHT at midnight Pacific.
  • Congratulations League Champions:
    • Batman - Brinkley CP Bulldogs - Michael Quinn
    • Beatleball - Rome Gladiators - Danny Zaccaro
    • Beer - The Natty Lights - Jesse Roche
    • Blame Canada - Cro-Town Crushers - Craig Bennett
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - Wisconsin Dawgs - Greg Flees
    • Blue and Gray - Fort Snelling Pioneers - Andrew Lehman
    • Bronx Bombers - Go Richmond Spiders! - Jesse Roche
    • Chevy Chase - Bath County Black Sheep - Tom Twomey
    • Commissioners - Detroit Pizza Pizzas - Mike Prohaska
    • Deuces Wild - Bemidji Blue Ox - Sam Campbell
    • Experts - St. Louis Prefectos - Michael Quinn
    • Federal - Devil's Den Sharpshooters - Robert Elias
    • Fenway Fenatics - Utopia Unibrows - Tom Twomey
    • Firemen - Venice Beach Longshots - Ken DeGroot
    • Four Star - NYC2ATL Jr Blackbirds - Ricardo Alexander
    • Golden Throat - Newport News Aliens & Predators - Tom Twomey
    • Hall of Fame - Detroit Wolverines - Mike Prohaska
    • K Street - New Jersey Roid Ragers - Tom Twomey
    • The Kings of Queens - Detroit Skyliners - Mike Prohaska
    • Longball - Trinidad Island Vikings - Leif Jonson
    • Minnie & Paul - Minneapolis Millers - Michael Quinn
    • Murderers' Row - Guttenberg Gandolfinis - Tom Twomey
    • Perfect World - Ehime Ichiban - Tom Twomey
    • Phightin' Phils - SGV Dukes - Michael Quinn
    • Reality Bites - Sea Isle City Sandsharks - Robert Elias
    • Redbirds - Montara Pac Sox - Sherman Wan
    • Shadowball - Las Vegas Billionaires - Jim Sowerby
    • Superman - Hollywood Exabitionists - Michael Lehman
    • They Might Be Giants - Detroit Hotel Detectives - Mike Prohaska
    • Three of a Kind - Wyalusing Whiffers - Jay Snyder
    • Triple Crown - Oakdale Barrons - E.J. Camburn
    • Winners Circle - Crumpton Roches - Jesse Roche



  • Benchwarmer Bash page is posted.  We'll fill in details as teams qualify. NOTE: Only league champions will advance to the Bash in 2012 - there are no wild card teams.


  • 2012 Benchwarmer Playoffs - Results for Games 6-7 game posted - 1st week is complete



  • Congratulations to owners with multiple division wins:
    • 18 Teams - Tom Twomey
    • 13 Teams - Michael Quinn
    • 11 Teams - Mike Prohaska
    • 5 Teams - Don Kruse
    • 4 Teams - Robert Elias, Michael Lehman, Jamison Reese, Jesse Roche
    • 3 Teams - Anthony Citarella, Ken DeGroot, Michael Himich, Andrew Lehman, Doug Schnack, Jacob Vass, Sherman Wan
    • 2 Teams - Greg Flees, J.C. Freeman, Jerry King, Tom Kohl, Tom McGraw, Jon Swanson



  • Final set of Division Champions from September 30 tiebreaker games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Hall of Fame - Cobb Division: Leucadia Longboarders (owner Jeffrey Deeble) - League champion in 2007 - that was their last time in playoffs
    • Fenway Fenatics - Doerr Division: St. Louis Redbirds (owner Michael Quinn - 12th win in 2012) - 4th place and 35 GB in 2011
    • Beer - Malt Division: Sam Adams Love Schnack (owner Doug Schnack - 3rd win in 2012) - League champ in 2009
    • Batman - Clooney Division: Gotham City Knights (owner Jon Swanson - 2nd win in 2012) - First division title
    • Superman - Christopher Reeve Division: Jor El Cards (owner Michael Quinn - 13th win in 2012)


  • Division tiebreakers complete - see results below
  • Five division ties to break- will require one more game Sunday night - with Michael Quinn in three of the ties:
    • Hall of Fame: Cobb Division: California Bears (Micheal Quinn) at Leucadia Longboarders (Jeffrey Deeble) - Result: Leucadia 7  California 2 - Box
      • Leucadia won season series 12-6.
      • Leucadia won 4 of 6 games in the final three weeks.
      • Record for last 10 games: California 8-2, Leucadia 7-3
    • Fenway Fenatics: Doerr Division: St. Louis Redbirds (Michael Quinn, 35 GB in 2011) at Defending league champ Crumpton Roches (Jesse Roche). - Result: St. Louis 4  Crumpton 2 - Box
      • Crumpton won season series 11-7.
      • Crumpton won 4 of 6 in the final three weeks
      • Record for last 10 games: Both 6-4
    • Beer League - Malt Division: Sam Adams Love Schnack (Doug Schnack) at Canadian Moosehead (Derrick Silensky) - Result: Sam Adams 5  Canadian 1 - Box
      • Canadian won season series 11-7
      • Canadian took 4 of 6 in the final two weeks, including a sweep in games 148-150 to force the tie.
      • Record for last 10 games: Both 5-5
    • Batman League - Clooney Division: Diamond Rats (Michael Himich) at Gotham City Knights (Jon Swanson) - Result: Gotham City 3  Diamond 2 - Box
      • Gotham City won season series 10-8
      • Gotham City took 4 of 6 in final two weeks.
      • Record for last 10 games: Gotham City 5-5, Diamond 4-6
    • Superman League - Christopher Reeve Division: Fukushima Zombies (Jerry King) at Jor El Cards (Michael Quinn) - Result Jor El 6  Fukushima 2 - Box
      • Jor El won season series 10-8
      • Teams split 3-3 in the final three weeks.
      • Record for last 10 games: Fukushima 6-4, Jor El 4-6


  • Week 25 - Games 149-150 posted.  Regular season done...almost
    • We have at least four divisions ending in ties (I'll check/post it later on Saturday night).
    • Game 151 for division ties will get posted on Sunday.
  • New Division Champions from September 29 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Perfect World - David Cone Division: Black Eye Skulls (owner Michael Himich - 2nd win in 2012) - 3rd place in 2011
    • Beer - Yeast Division: The Natty Lights (owner Jesse Roche - 4th win in 2012) - 5th division title - hasn't been to finals since 2008
    • Winners Circle - Alexander Division: Vandalay Architects (owner Don Kruse - 5th win in 2012) - 4th place, 31 GB in 2011
    • Reality Bites - Bachelor Division: Memphis Bighitters (owner Michael Quinn - 10th win in 2012) - Defending league champion
    • Four Star - MacArthur Division: Men Injecting Men 2 Still Roided Up (owner Christian Ingram) - Best previous finish was 3rd place in 2011
    • Redbirds - Slaughter Division: Montara Pac Sox (owner Sherman Wan - 3rd win in 2012) - 3rd division win - 2nd straight
    • Three of a Kind - Wagner Division: Mumbai Marauders (owner Matt Strawbridge) - First title in five seasons
    • Triple Crown - Yaztrzemski Division: Little Mack Attack (owner Tom McGraw - 2nd win in 2012) - Won division in 2010 too
    • Triple Crown - Klein Division: Pennsyltucky Wood Hicks (owner Robert Emerson) - Finished 1 game back in both 2010 and 2011
    • Phightin' Phils - Klein Division: Backwoods Sasquatch (owner Kevin Connors) - Defending division winner
    • Blue and Gray - Sherman Division: Fort Snelling Pioneers (owner Andrew Lehman - 3rd win in 2012) - Two in a row
    • Batman - Kilmer Division: Brinkley CP Bulldogs (owner Michael Quinn - 11th win in 2012) - 3rd straight win
    • Superman - Brandon Routh Division: Davenport Prodigals (owner Daniel Foley, Jr.)


  • New Division Champions from September 27 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Chevy Chase - Ty Webb Division: Forest City Fog Monsters (owner Gary Renwick) - 2nd trip to playoffs; Conference champ in 2010
    • Chevy Chase - Fletch F. Fletch Division: Santa Ana Ball Bearings (owner Brian McGettigan) - 1st division title after 4 2nd place finishes
    • Kings of Queens - Hernandez Division: Detroit Skyliners (owner Mike Prohaska - 10th win in 2012) - First season with team; franchise repeats as division winner
    • Four Star - Eisenhower Division: Generation of Heroes (owner Jamison Reese - 4th win in 2012) - New owner this season; climbs from 105 losses in 2011
    • Four Star - Bradley Division: NYC2ATL Jr. Blackbirds (owner Ricardo Alexander) - New owner this season; 21 GB in 2011
    • Longball - Robinson Division: Trinidad Island Vikings (owner Leif Jonson) - 5th division title but no league wins yet; BW Bash champ in 2008
    • Longball - McGuire Division: Nokomis Choo Choo Trains (owner Jacob Vass - 3rd win in 2012) - 7th division win in 9 seasons; 4 league championships
    • Blame Canada - Eric Division: Quebec Frenchies (owner Andrew Lehman - 2nd win in 2012) - 2nd place in 2011
    • Blame Canada - Stan Division: Ft. Lauderdale Fightin' Blumpkins (owner Brad Barfield) - Repeat division winner
    • Experts - Blogs Division: St. Louis Prefectos (owner Michael Quinn - 8th win in 2012) - New owner; franchise won the league title in 2011
    • Deuces Wild - Cobb Division: Foggy Bottom Plumbers (owner Yuri Belova) - Won division in 2011
    • K Street - Blyleven Division: Asia Analog Kid (owner Anthony Citarella - 3rd win in 2012) - League champion in 2005 and 2010
    • Murderers' Row - Big Poison Division: Palookaville Pugs (owner Sherman Wan - 2nd win in 2012) - Repeat division champ
    • Murderers' Row - Big Ed Division: Detroit Rock Cities (owner Mike Prohaska - 11th win in 2012) - Division champ in 2010
    • Murderers' Row - Big Puma Division: Guttenberg Ganfolfinis (owner Tom Twomey - 17th win in 2012) - 3rd straight title; League winner in 2010
    • They Might Be Giants - Marichal Division: Edgewater Underwear Thieves (owner Tom Twomey - 18th win in 2012)
    • They Might Be Giants - Ott Division: San Jose Usurpers (owner Michael Lehman - 4th win in 2012)
    • Blue and Gray - Lee Division: Badtown Brawlers (owner Michael Himich - 2nd win in 2012) - Won the division in 2009
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - Sutton Division: South Hills California Elite (owner Michael Quinn - 9th win in 2012) - Last time in playoffs was 2009 - won the league title
    • Superman - Dean Cain Division: Ames Twisters (owner Tom Kohl - 2nd win in 2012)


  • New Division Champions from September 25 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Hall of Fame - Ruth Division: Nordeast Knotholes (owner Jacob Vass - 2nd win in 2012) - 2-time defending league champion, plus won in 2002
    • Shadowball - Memphis Red Sox Division: Chico's Bail Bonds (owner Michael Horvitz) - 4th division title for franchise
    • Fenway Fenatics - Boggs Division: Texas Rednecks (owner Rick Funk) - 2nd place in 2011
    • Beatleball - Lennon Division: Rome Gladiators (owner Danny Zaccaro) - 1st division title for franchise in league founded in 2004
    • Beatleball - Starr Division: Underground Cardinals (owner Michael Quinn - 6th win in 2012) - New owner; franchise won conference title in 2007
    • Redbirds - Smith Division: Cape Horn Penguins (owner Doug Schnack - 2nd win in 2012) - New owner - first division win for franchise
    • Federal - Baltimore Terrapins Division: Devil's Den Sharpshooters (owner Robert Elias - 4th win in 2012)
    • Golden Throat - Bob Prince Division: St. Louis Browns (owner Michael Quinn - 7th win in 2012) - 4th straight division win; League champ in 2010
    • Murderers' Row - Big Donkey Division: Chicago Public Enemies (owner Jerry King - 2nd win in 2012) - 3rd straight division win; made it to finals in 2011
    • Commissioners - Ueberroth Division: Strike Force (owner Michael Himich) - Division winner in 2009
    • They Might Be Giants - Terry Division: Des Moines Hawkeyes (owner Tom Kohl)
    • Minnie & Paul - Oliva Division: Detroit Yoopers (owner Mike Prohaska - 8th win in 2012) - 2nd place in 2011
    • Blue and Gray - Grant Division: Detroit Repeat Offenders (owner Mike Prohaska - 9th win in 2012) - Only team to win division in league's 4 seasons; League champ 2010
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - Reese Division: Crestwood Creepers (owner Tom McGraw) - Team never finished above 4th place until this season
    • Superman - George Reeves Division: Hollywood Exabitionists (owner Michael Lehman - 3rd win in 2012)


  • Week 25 Transactions - Results posted. Week 26 lineup deadline (week 1 of playoffs) is Friday night, October 5 at midnight Pacific.


  • With 6 games to go: No teams have clinched division titles yet in either Murderers' Row or Superman League.  Next game postings will be very late on Monday night.


  • New Division Champions from September 22 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Bronx Bombers - Rizzuto Division: Reese's Pieces (owner Jamison Reese - 3rd win in 2012) - 3rd place in 2011
    • Chevy Chase - Clark W. Griswold, Jr. Division: Bath County Black Sheep (owner Tom Twomey - 15th win in 2012) - 3rd straight division win - has never advanced to finals
    • Chevy Chase - Emmit Fitz-Hume Division: Gashouse Gorillas (owner Michael Quinn - 4th win in 2012) - 3rd straight division win - has never advanced to finals
    • Winners Circle - Matthewson Division: Longfellow Public Television Donors (owner Jacob Vass) - 2nd place in 2011
    • Beatleball - McCartney Division: London Groove Armada (owner Sherman Wan) - Defending league champ; BW Bash runner up in 2011
    • Firemen - Eckersley Division: Miami Valley Mystic Revelation (owner David Henning)
    • Reality Bites - Fear Factor Division: Nashville Longshots (owner Ken DeGroot - 3rd win in 2012) - Repeat winner from 2011
    • Kings of Queens - McGraw Division: Woodside Dingos (owner Tom Twomey - 16th win in 2012) - Defending league champion
    • Three of a Kind - Beckley Division: Wyalusing Whiffers (owner Jay Snyder) - First franchise trip to playoffs since 2008
    • Three of a Kind - Connor Division: Damien Boys of Summer (owner Michael Quinn - 5th win in 2012) - Division features four teams all owned by guys named "Michael"
    • Federal - Buffalo Buffeds Division: Buffalo Chips (owner Michael Lehman - 2nd win in 2012)
    • Federal - St. Louis Terriers Division: Lexington Rupps (owner J.C. Freeman - 2nd win in 2012)
    • Longball - Mays Division: New Jersey Rain Storm (owner Chris Bellina) - Repeat division win from 2011
    • Blame Canada - Kyle Division: Detroit Canucks (owner Mike Prohaska - 7th win in 2012) - 2nd place in 2011
    • Golden Throat - Jack Buck Division: Lincoln Salt Dogs (owner Mike Cerny) - 5th division title for franchise - new owner this season
    • Experts - Print Division: St. Lawrence WHIP (owner Craig Burke) - Conference champion in 2009
    • Deuces Wild - Brett Division: Bemidji Blue Ox (owner Sam Campbell) - Highest finish had been 3rd place
    • Phightin' Phils - Ashburn Division: Kalas City Broadcasters (owner Robert Elias - 3rd win in 2012) - Conference winner last year
    • Blue and Gray - Jackson Division: Charleston Cannon Fodder (owner Jerry King) - 4 years of league - 4th division win; League champ in 2009
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - Campanella Division: Wisconsin Dawgs (owner Greg Flees - 2nd win in 2012) - New owner - first division win for franchise


  • Before Saturday's games - Eight games remained in the regular season...57% of divisions were not yet clinched.
  • New Division Champions from September 21 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Shadowball - Birmingham Black Barons Division: Tombstone Gun Fighters (owner Robert Elias - 2nd win in 2012) - 6th division title in 8 years
    • Winners Circle - Galvin Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche - 3rd win in 2012) - New owner - franchise was 20 GB in 2011
    • Firemen - Franco Division: Just the Facts - Armando Falcon Task Force (owner Tim Bohen)
    • Three of a Kind - Speaker Division: Hudson River 3-Eyed Fish (owner Tom Twomey - 12th win in 2012) - 4th division win - league champion in 2008
    • Experts - Web Division: NYC (owner Scott Swanay) - Closest finish had been 17 GB
    • Phightin' Phils - Roberts Division: SGV Dukes (owner Michael Quinn - 2nd win in 2012) - Defending league champion
    • K Street - Seaver Division: New Jersey Roid Ragers (owner Tom Twomey - 13th win in 2012) - First time in playoffs since 2007
    • K Street - Perry Division: D.C. Lobbyists (owner Jon Swanson) - 1st division win in 8th season - Lost 100 games in 2011
    • Minnie & Paul - Viola Division: Minneapolis Millers (owner Michael Quinn - 3rd win in 2012) - Repeat winner from 2011
    • Bleed Dodger Blue - Drysdale Division: Oklahoma Gushers (owner Tom Twomey - 14th win in 2012) - New owner - first division win for franchise


  • New Division Champions from September 20 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Shadowball - Pittsburgh Crawfords Division: Cal Tech Atoms (owner Doug Schnack) - Wins league in even years - 2008, 2010.2012?
    • Fenway Fenatics - Cronin Division: Utopia Unibrows (owner Tom Twomey - 11th win in 2012) - Repeat division winner
    • Fenway Fenatics - Fisk Division: St. Croix River Cats (owner Brad Richter) - 4th place in 2011
    • Perfect World - Randy Johnson Division: Midwest Malingerers (owner Don Kruse - 3rd win in 2012) - Defending conference champion
    • Firemen - Smith Division: Venice Beach Longshots (owner Ken DeGroot - 2nd win in 2012)
    • Reality Bites - Amazing Race Division: Sea Isle City Landsharks (owner Robert Elias) - 4th straight division title; League champ in 2006 and 2010
    • Kings of Queens - Koosman Division: Kansas Bucks (owner Greg Flees) - 3rd straight division title
    • Golden Throat - Ernie Harwell Division: Massapequa Chiefs (owner Vito Selvaggi) - Defending league champion
    • Triple Crown - Robinson Division: Kylertown Shoeless Joes (owner Aaron Tiracorda) - Won division in 2009
    • Triple Crown - Medwick Division: Oakdale Barons (owner E.J. Camburn) - 4th straight title; 1st for new owner
    • Deuces Wild - Musial Division: Washington Insiders owner Don Kruse - 4th win in 2012) - Returns after 2009 division win
    • Phightin' Phils - Alexander Division: Hannibal Cannibals (owner Michael Lehman) - Finished 4th last year


  • New Division Champions from September 17 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Bronx Bombers - DiMaggio Division: Lexington Wildcats (owner J.C. Freeman) - Finished 2nd, 22 GB in 2011
    • Perfect World - David Wells Division: Adrenaline Mob (owner Anthony Citarella - 2nd win in 2012) - Defending League Champion
    • Perfect World - Kenny Rogers Division: Ehime Ichiban (owner Tom Twomey - 7th win in 2012) - 3rd straight division title
    • Winners Circle - Spahn Division: Uruguay Urusai (owner Tom Twomey - 8th win in 2012) - 2nd place in 2011
    • Firemen - Wagner Division: Banta Inn Spirits (owner Jamison Reese - 2nd win in 2012)
    • Redbirds - Dean Division: Detroit Thundercats (owner Mike Prohaska - 5th win in 2012) - Two seasons for Mike with team - two division winners
    • Federal - Brooklyn Tip-Tops Division: Detroit Stars (owner Mike Prohaska - 6th win in 2012)
    • Longball - Killebrew Division: San Marcos Speed Sloths (owner Tom Twomey - 9th win in 2012) - New owner gets team to the top for the first time since 2006
    • Blame Canada - Kenny Division: Cro-Town Crushers (owner Craig Bennett) - Conference champion in 2011
    • K Street - Sutton Division: Aksarben Bugeaters (owner Don Kruse - 2nd win in 2012) - 4th division title; previous 3 also won the conference
    • Commissioners - Giamatti Division: South Park Butters (owner Tom Twomey - 10th win in 2012) - Only team to win division in league's 4 seasons
    • Minnie & Paul - Carew Division: Old Hickory Longshots (owner Ken DeGroot) - Defending League Champion


  • Reminder - Free Agent signings are closed in Week 25 (you can't sign someone just for the playoffs)


  • Next set of Division Champions from September 13: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Beer - Water Division: Elsinore Hosers (owner Anthony Citarella) - Defending conference winner; League champ in 2008
    • Reality Bites - American Idol Division: Mighty Mice (owner Roland Dupont) - 4th time franchise is on top, but yet to advance to finals
    • Minnie & Paul - Blyleven Division: Tonga Tarantula Hawks (owner Tom Twomey - 6th win in 2012) - Won the conference title in 2011
    • Batman - Keaton Division: Detroit Riddlers (owner Mike Prohaska - 4th win in 2012) - Defending league champion


  • New Division Champions from September 11: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Hall of Fame - Cooperstown Division: Detroit Wolverines (owner Mike Prohaska - 3rd win in 2012) - Repeat winner from 2011
    • Beer - Hops Division: Kingfisher Ale Slammers (owner Tom Twomey - 3rd win in 2012) - Defending league champion
    • Beatleball - Harrison Division: Margaritaville P(arr)otheads (owner Tom Twomey - 4th win in 2012) - New owner in 2012; Franchise won league title in 2010
    • Redbirds - Brock Division: Manalapan Monchichis (owner Tom Twomey - 5th win in 2012) - 2nd division win in 5 years


  • Some reminders of late-season transactions/lineups:
    • Week 24 (Deadline Saturday night): This is the FINAL week for any free agent pickups.
    • Week 25: Cuts and IR moves only.
    • Playoff lineups: The "expanded rosters" of Weeks 23-25 no longer hold.  Playoff results are dependent on the 26 active players.  You must maintain normal roster limitations, so in some situations you might need to make room by cutting a player or putting one to IR if you want a minor-leaguer to be in your lineup or on your bench.
    • Playoff results are calculated from random selections from the last half of the season (MLB games 81-160...up to 162 or beyond for pitching performances).


  • Division Champions crowned September 8: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Shadowball - Chicago American Giants Division: Las Vegas Billionaires (owner Jim Sowerby) - 4th division title - won league in 2007
    • Four Star - Patton Division: Kelly's Heroes (owner Andrew Lehman) - First division win
    • Experts - Airwaves Division: Crumpton Roches (owner Jesse Roche - 2nd win in 2012) - Franchise repeats division win with new owner
    • Commissioners - Chandler Division: Detroit Pizza Pizzas (owner Mike Prohaska - 2nd win in 2012) - Defending league champ; 4 straight division titles


  • Division Champions crowned September 5: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Hall of Fame - Wagner Division: Boar's Nest (owner Tom Twomey) - 2 straight titles under Tom; Franchise has 9 total
    • Bronx Bombers - Gehrig Division: Go Richmond Spiders! (owner Jesse Roche) - Defending league champion
    • Golden Throat - Biggio Division: Newport News Aliens & Predators (owner Tom Twomey - 2nd win in 2012) - 4th division win for franchise - under new ownership in 2012
    • They Might Be Giants - Hubbell Division: Detroit Hotel Detectives (owner Mike Prohaska)


  • Thanks for the response on the orphan blowout - all orphans are gone.
  • Standings for all leagues.
  • Our first Division Champions from end of Week 21:
    • Bronx Bombers - Ford Division: Chicago Haymarket Bombers (owner Michael Quinn) - Repeat division winner from 2011
    • Kings of Queens - Harrelson Division: Dunder Mifflin Sabres (owner Don Kruse) - Conference champion in 2011
    • Deuces Wild - Biggio Division: Yellowstone Geysers (owner Jamison Reese) - New owner turned around 95-loss team from 2011
    • Batman - Bale Division: KC Sporting Quadricorns (owner Michael Walker) - First division title for KC


  • Trades are closed for the 2012 season.
  • Roster expansion for "callups" occurs in Week 23-25 to allow your taxi squad and minor league players to contribute to game action.  It won't count yet in Week 22, but you can begin to put your players into order now in the lineup change form.


  • Amazingly enough, some teams are close enough to division titles where we see magic numbers show up in the standings.  It's possible one or two could clinch in Week 20.


  • Major items to remember this week.
    • We shift weekly transactions to SATURDAYS.
    • August 25 marks the 2012 Season trade deadline.


  • Contract Extensions closed for 2012.


  • Remember - trades are not yet included in error-checking for cash or roster limits.
  • Contract extensions - SUNDAY NIGHT (7/29) - Extended through Monday 7/30 7 PM Eastern.
  • As a first round choice who did not sign, Mark Appel will be removed from the player list once he's off all rosters or at the end of the season, whichever occurs first.  No need to waste a roster spot on him...


  • I'm working on updating the statistical records for each league and all of BWB (really!), but it will still take a while to post everything.  In the meantime, here are a couple of records of note:
    • Some of you are gunning for the most wins in a season.  You've got a big target now - the new record was set in 2011.  Here are the top 4:
      • Detroit - Commissioners League - 111 wins (2011) - owned by Mike Prohaska
      • Boar's - Hall of Fame - 109 (2007)
      • New Jersey - K Street - 107 (2007)
      • Milford - Hall of Fame - 107 (2005)
    • Recently set - South Park Butters in Commissioners League (owned by Tom Twomey) just ripped off 22 wins in a row from Games 65-86.  The big thing here is that the streak covered the entire 3-week stretch of divisional play and South Park moved from 5 games down and in 3rd place to leading the division by 10 games.  By the way, Tom broke the record of 21 games set in 2011 by...the South Park Butters.  Just missing this Bronx Bombers, Chicago (owned by Michael Quinn) won 20 in a row between Games 66-85.


  • For Weeks 16-20, the lineup/transaction deadline shifts to SUNDAY nights.
  • Improvements to the transaction error-checking effective today:
    • Checking your potential for running out of cash now includes any contract extensions you submitted.
    • A bug with guys on IR was fixed.  Previously, dropping a guy on IR made it look like you were freeing up a roster space (including limits on players over 250 salary), but since the guy on IR already didn't count, that was incorrect.
    • Effects of trades are still not tracked for possible problems - you'll need to inspect your own rosters manually to make sure it will go through.  Hope to have that error-checking added in August.


  • We've hit the halfway point of the 2012 season with Game 75.


  • All teams received an extra 1 million BW Bucks this week.  One more cash distribution during the last transaction session in July.



  • Starting this week - lineups and transactions are due on MONDAY nights.
  • First round draft picks for 2012 are now in the player list.


  • Payment deadline - Those teams still unpaid by Tuesday night will lose their teams.  I'm counting on full payment to pay for daily MLB stats and the website for the remainder of 2012...turning them into cut-rate orphans is just a last resort....
    • Not sure of your status?  See Payment Summary
    • These guys have emails that are getting returned on notices due to bad email addresses - if you know any of them, please have them change their email in the system and contact me or they're going to lose their team(s):
      • Pat Quickiee
      • Brian Wallin


  • We've hit the 1/3 mark of the season


  • Potential hole in the transaction error-checking process.  It may not calculate roster limits correctly if you're cutting someone who's currently on IR.  Players on IR are already not counted against any of your roster limits and the process may be giving "extra credit" now when you're cutting someone on IR.


  • MLB Amateur Draft - One of three ways that players get added to the BWB player list is when selected in the first round of the draft.  With the draft coming up on Monday, when can you expect to see the new prospects show up?
    • Players will show up for the first time after the Week 10 Transactions/Lineups are processed (deadline Tuesday, June 12 - expect posting on Wednesday or Thursday).
    • So the first transaction period to sign them will be the Week 11 Transactions - with a deadline of Monday, June 18 (see transaction schedule).  Transaction order will be based on the standings at the end of Week 9.
    • These are planned dates. Circumstances may arise that delay this an extra week.


  • All teams received an extra 1 million bucks this week.  You'll get two more cash distributions - one at the end of June and one at the end of July.


  • NEW!!!: Transaction error-checking now includes potential errors you might run into with roster sizes and limits and running out of cash.  It does not yet include any roster/cash changes as a result of trades or contract extensions, but should be a help for many of you.  It may not be perfect - so let me know if you find any situations where it doesn't seem to calculate correctly.


  • NOTE THE DAY SHIFT: Transactions for Weeks 6-10 are due on Tuesdays.
  • Beginning today, lineup changes are blocked for unpaid teams along with transactions.  You have until Week 10 to pay or else you will lose your team.  Payment Summary


  • Have you been hanging on to guys on IR but don't really intend to keep them for 2013? Or waiting to see if some guys start performing in 2012?  Week 5 marks the last where you get 80% of salary rebated.  After Wednesday's submission, rebates start decreasing 4% each week.



  • Payment was due on Week 1 deadline - April 11 - BWB delayed implementing restrictions, but if you're not paid by Week 3 deadline (April 25) - this means confirmed...including checks received - you will be locked out from adds/drops/trades (you'll be OK for this week - restrictions will start with Week 4 submissions).  You'll be locked from lineup changes if not received by Week 5.


  • Should have reminded you before transactions this week, but we run 2 weeks behind in applying standings to transactions.  Once we complete Week 1, those week-ending standings will determine the Week 3 transaction order.  And the revenue for games won and division position for Week 1 get applied during the Week 3 transactions.


  • Working on some web code to help you out with roster/cash limitations when you try to sign and trade players, but that's a complicated mess, so it will come the meantime, make sure you're checking your rosters - and the limits posted beneath your rosters - as you submit transactions or you may miss out on some players you need.


  • 2012 Schedule Posted
  • Due TONIGHT - at Midnight EASTERN - Extended to 8AM EDT on Sunday morning - Week Zero Transactions - check the schedule page for more details as well as the rules for "inactive owners" (if your roster does not reach minimum levels by the end of this week, you've been inactive this pre-season).  Things to consider:
    • You must have a legal roster after this week's transactions.
    • Salary rebate for cut players goes up to 80%.
    • Cash balances for returning leagues (not newly drafted ones) must be at or below 5000 after this week's transactions (including salary be careful if you're cutting guys or trading them away this week).  Balances above 5000 will be reduced to that level.
    • All teams will then get 2000 in Opening Day a little loophole in the calculation, you can actually count on that 2000 to use for transactions this week if you're short on cash.
    • No new players added yet - see the note below from March 22.
    • Transaction order will be reset to the reverse of 2011 standings (or team total salary for new leagues) for the Week One transactions (due April 11).
    • You don't have to have a lineup set until April 11, but it doesn't hurt to start setting it now.
    • This is a 2009 posting, so ignore the dates and the specific names of new leagues, but here is some additional discussion about Week Zero in the Benchwarmer Blog


  • Firemen League Draft Central - Startup Draft - Phase Two Complete. League will start now with free agent transactions with the Week Zero submission (Saturday 4/7).


  • Superman League Draft Central - Startup Draft - Phase Two Complete. League will start now with free agent transactions with the Week Zero submission (Saturday 4/7).


  • They Might be Giants Draft Central - Startup Draft - Phase Two Complete. League will start now with free agent transactions with the Week Zero submission (Saturday 4/7).


  • Some notes about new players...
    • After the addition of guys on 40-man rosters in December/January, the next time we add players is when they appear in a regular season MLB game.
    • Players are added to the list only at the time we process weekly transactions, so that all teams have an equal opportunity and at least 4-5 days to see that players have been added.
    • Our Week Zero deadline is Sat April 7 and Week One (when BWB Opening Day lineups are due) is Wed. April 11.  Expect that the Week Zero transactions will get posted on Sunday April 8.
    • Any players who appear in MLB games for the first time on or before April 7 will get added to the player list in time for the Week One transactions.  If they do not appear by that time, then they'll likely be available for the Week Two submission (due 4/18).
    • So...if Yu Darvish pitches for Texas in either of their first 2 games, look for him between 4/8-4/11 to add him to your roster...otherwise it won't be until Week 2.
    • Any players who appear for the first time in the Japan games between Oakland and Seattle (Yoenis Cespedes anyone?) will not be available until the Week One transactions.
    • Week 1 & 2 transaction order is in reverse order of 2011 standings - the same as was the case for the Redistribution Draft (new leagues are in reverse order of total team salary after Week Zero).  Starting with Week 3 we look at 2012 win-loss records to set the order.


  • Superman League Draft Central - Resolution of contested picks complete...Phase One is done - players are now on your rosters and each team received an extra 10 million in cash - we now move on to Phase 2, with your first set of picks (10 rounds) due THURSDAY night 3/22 at midnight Pacific.
  • Welcome to Benchwarmer Baseball - It's a different form of fantasy baseball as we play individual head-to-head games simulated from daily MLB stats - this isn't a Rotisserie game.
    • This is fantasy baseball 365 days a year.  Teams are now making adjustments to their rosters for the 2012 season.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Baseball Tour for an introduction.
    • Our new 16-team leagues are full for 2012.
    • But, would you like to attempt to turn around a struggling team?, these orphan teams are available...pick up an existing team and rebuild it, rather than start from scratch.
    • Want to sign up for an orphan team in 2012?  If you're new to BWB, you can sign up here.  Existing BWB owners can pick up brand new extra teams.


  • This link is always found on the Help Page: As you're putting together your 2012 roster, particularly if you're new to BWB you might want to check out the sample scoring page that allows you to play around with a batting order and see how it can affect your offensive score for a game.



  • Multi-Team Tools.  Now has a method to attempt to sign a player as a free agent for every team you own.


  • Federal League Draft Central - Startup Draft Complete
    • Weekly picks/drops/trades now begin with Week -4: Deadline Saturday 3/10
    • For new leagues there is a 2-week reprieve in salary rebates - you can cut players by 3/17 and receive a 100% salary rebate rather than the standard preseason 50%
  • Did you take over an Orphan Team for 2012?  Some of the details and links in these articles need to be updated, but here's a series of postings from the Benchwarmer Blog to fill you in on some of the things you need to know - it's called Orphan School


  • The offseason transaction order for weekly signings is run a little differently.  We do it as a kind of ongoing "waiver" wire.  As you pick a player, you go to the bottom of your league's order.  Because it's set manually, it will generally be updated 1-3 days after the transactions post.


  • Contract extensions for 2013 and beyond are now open.  Annual strong advice is don't use them now unless you have to...returning teams can take a maximum of 5000 cash into the season as of Week Zero.  Otherwise, it's best to wait until closer to the July deadline for extensions.


  • Weekly Free Agency/Trades: Preseason deadlines are on Saturday nights at midnight Pacific.  Results will generally be posted on Sunday or Monday.  See 2012 Transaction Deadlines
  • Payment now due - If you're brand new, you must pay before you join a league.  If you joined BWB in 2011 or earlier, you must pay by Week 1 (April 11) or you will face transaction/lineup restrictions.



  • Redistribution Draft - The draft is complete and players are now on your rosters - however, we're still redesigning how the results are posted, so there are no draft details yet.  In the meantime, check out some stats about the draft submission.
  • Weekly transactions are now open: Sign free agents, cut players, make trades.



  • Redistribution Draft - The deadline for picking was Saturday night.  It takes a while to go through everything, so we're targeting Monday, Feb. 20 for the completion of posting the results.  That will make Friday, Feb. 24 the first option for submitting cuts, free agent pickups, and trades.



  • Multi-Team Tools.  Do you run teams in multiple leagues?  There's a new page with a set of tools and functions with you in mind.  Look for more to be added soon, but off the top there's a page that will show a rundown of all the players on all of your teams plus a method to add a player to the Redistribution Draft list for every one of your teams.




  • Returning Leagues - Player cuts...getting close - one more night.  Look for cuts to be posted Thursday night.  The schedule for submitting Redistribution Draft choices will be adjusted accordingly.  Look for at least 2 full weeks.


  • One more delay -With some late-assigned orphans, and me still needing to work on rosters for the remaining orphan teams, the deadline for carryover choices is pushed back to Friday, Jan 13 (midnight Pacific).


  • New Players - 116 new players added to the master player list based on the MLB 40-man rosters.  No more additions until after the season begins.

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