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Benchwarmer Baseball Rules

15.0 Player Salaries and Salary Cap

15.1 Salaries

Salaries for each player are determined by their Major League statistics for the previous two seasons.  Two-thirds of the salary is based on last season completed, and the remaining third will be based upon the previous season.  This prevents a star player from becoming an outright steal following a season spent on the disabled list or having an off year.  Additionally, this prevents young or improving players from skyrocketing to the highest salary levels after only one year.

All salaries are rounded to the nearest 1000. Thus, for simplicity, all salaries and most financial figures will be displayed in thousands. For example, 250,000 = 250 and one million = 1000. Sometimes, financial values will be shown normally, for effect.
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The salary is computed from various statistical categories. 


If L is the raw salary computation of a player's stats from last year, and P is the computation from the previous year, the player's new salary, S, is S = 2/3(L) + 1/3(P).


Players will have a minimum salary of 100 ($100,000).  If, in the previous equation, S is less than 100 then the salary is bumped up to that level.


In the calculations for salary from a given season, if a player does not have the statistics to qualify as a rookie - 130 AB or 50 IP or 45 days on a ML Roster (which might be harder to come by) - his maximum salary will be 250.  Keep in mind, that the final salary level is still an average of the results of the current season plus the previous salary.

15.2 Salary Formulas

For now, consult the full rulebook and see Appendix C: BWB Salary Calculation.


Change for 2018 - in the calculation of the raw salary numbers for a player (current season's stats - the basis for 2/3 of the player's next season salary), there is a maximum cap of a 10% increase compared to the player of the same type (hitter or pitcher) with the next lower salary.  There are a few parts of the salary calculation that once in a while can produce some major outliers in salary, particularly with pitchers and specifically with closers.  Rather than messing with the calculations themselves which may have unintended effects, this should prevent the out of whack salaries such as Zachary Britton in 2017.


Change for 2019 - for 2-way players such as Shohei Ohtani.  A player's raw salary calculation for the current season will be calculated separately as hitter/pitcher and the higher of those salaries will be used as the base.  Then, 25% of the lower salary will be added to come up with the new total.  To be honest, this is just a shot in the dark at how to do this and is subject to change.  If BWB changes the way it handles bench processes and allows a 2-way player to contribute to both hitting and pitching stats in a given schedule week, then this will be revised.

15.3 Salary Caps

15.3.1 Derivation of the Salary Cap

For now, consult the full rulebook and see Appendix D: BWB Salary Cap Calculation.

15.3. Salary Cap Distribution

The salary cap in itself is only important for first-year leagues.  Teams must create their original roster within the limit of the cap.


For returning leagues, the cap will represent a target cash distribution.  All teams will receive an identical amount of cash.  Once the salary cap is determined, the league will give each team the amount necessary to get the team with the smallest remaining cash balance up to the salary cap level.  Thus, teams with an advantage in cash balances will retain that edge.


Once the cash is distributed, teams may spend it as they wish.  There is no ceiling for total team salary - each team is limited merely by the amount of money in the bank.

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