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  • Week Two Transaction Results Posted
  • OK, so St. Louis has foiled our plans to be able to start scoring games this weekend.  The Cardinals have to play one more game for us to be able to start the BWB season.  Stay tuned.
  • We do have to keep up with our normal transaction deadlines as the goal is to have you set lineups before most of the actual game performances occur.  This will mean we're going to be flying blind a little bit in regards to your team's results by the time you need to set lineups.  This season will be different in many ways.
  • So prepare for a very short turnaround - I'll process Week 2 transactions on Saturday night and then the next deadline is Tuesday night at 7 PM Eastern.  After that we'll be to our standard 6-7 days between deadlines.
  • However, I'm going to be away from home a little longer than I thought this afternoon - so I'll pass on that time to you - the Week 2 transaction/lineup deadline is now 5 PM Eastern today.


  • You might be asking...when do we start playing games?
    • First, understand the Five Game Gap - if you're new to BWB or just need a reminder, check out the explanation of how MLB games map to BWB games
    • So we need to wait until all teams play MLB game #6 to get to BWB game #1
    • Based on the current MLB schedule, not accounting for killer viruses or weather problems, it looks like:
      • Miami and Philadelphia will play game #6 on Wednesday
      • St. Louis will play game #6 on Friday
      • So - if everything goes well, Saturday will be the first chance to score BWB game #1.  However, with my time on Saturday evening, I'll be working on the Week 2 transactions. (I will try, but cannot guarantee, that game 1 results will be posted on Sunday)
    • Maybe just pretend this year we're back in the old days of Robot Baseball (for those of you who played our predecessor game)...back in the 90s...when game results were mailed out a week or two - or longer! - after you submitted your lineups by mail.


  • If there's any kind of announcement about an interruption of the 2020 season by Monday evening, BWB will still process the Week 1 transactions - however, there may be a push back on the deadline.
  • This has already been a crazy start to the season - and based on what has already happened, we're going to have to be flexible and sometimes play things by ear.  I've attempted to try to line up everything in advance, but things may change.
  • Among the changes put in place is that players who opt out throughout the season - not just by Opening Day - will be put on the "Covid list."  That and other changes/additions - like the structure of the playoffs and the offseason draft order - are found on the Covid 2020 page.

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  • There's a lot up in the air and rumors of a shutdown of the MLB season - I'm pushing back the Week 1 deadline to Monday evening at 7 PM Eastern.  For now - you should still be working on setting your lineups for our first games.
  • Taxi squads will increase by 4 players immediately - pushing rosters up to 50 total players.  All teams will get an extra 2000 in cash this week - there's more to come on any additional cash distributed in the regular season.
  • Nick Markakis is coming back off the Covid list - I'll be putting him back on rosters this weekend.  Isan Diaz is opting out - I'll pull him off of rosters before processing Week 1 transactions.  For our purposes, the "Covid list" will apply to anyone who opts out before our Week 1 (BWB Opening Day) deadline.
  • Sorry - I created the list of teams who have to reduce cash a couple of days ago, but didn't post it.
    • After Week Zero transactions, teams should have had their cash balances at or below 13000 (11000 + the 2000 extra cash given to all teams).  Like we did in 2019, teams will get a final chance to get their balances below that number.
      • This is the list of teams that still need to get balances below 13000
      • These teams still have a chance to use their cash before losing it.
        • Because all teams have been given 2000 in cash for Opening Day, the new maximum balance is 13000
        • The teams on the list can only work their cash down via contract extensions
        • Use the normal contract extension form to submit your choices
        • Before we process Week 1 transactions, we'll run a special contract extension round only.  After those extensions are processed, any of the teams that still have balances over 13000 will be cut down to that amount.
        • Then we'll move on to run Week 1 transaction submissions as normal.
        • The deadline to complete this is the same as the Week 1 transaction deadline - Sunday night 8/2 at Midnight EDT
        • Only the teams on this list need to be concerned about this


  • Reminder: your teams' cash balances need to be below 11000 after processing this week's transactions or the balance will be cut down to 11000.  Need to take a quick pass again to see where you stand?  Check out the all my transactions page which displays the estimated cash balance for you after this week's transactions (does not include the effects of any trades).
  • And we've got a regular season schedule for transactions and deadlines
    • Week Zero deadline should have been Fri 7/24 and Week 1 should have been Wed 7/29, but with my delay in getting some of the Covid measures in place and delaying the posting of Week -2 transactions, we'll have some adjustments and will have to have some short weeks to get back on schedule:
      • Week Zero: due Tuesday 7/28 at midnight Eastern
      • Week One: due Saturday 8/1 and extended to midnight Pacific
      • Week Two: due Thursday 8/6 at midnight Eastern
      • After that, weeknight deadlines are 7 PM Eastern and Sunday deadlines are noon Eastern
    • Some other notes on the condensed schedule
      • Salary rebates and assumptions decrease roughly 11% each week, but the maximum salary rebate is 80% and toward the end of the season, the minimum salary you'll pay is 33%
      • Trade deadline: Week 6 - Monday, August 31
      • Final week for salary rebates: Week 7 - Monday, Sept. 7
      • Final week to add players to the Prospect Roster: Week 7 - Monday, Sept. 7
      • Final week to sign free agents: Week 8 - Sunday, Sept. 13
      • And in a weird season, you'll have all the way until Week 9 to sign multiyear contracts (due Sunday, Sept. 20)


  • Quick reminder - players who have opted out of the season entirely have been pulled from rosters - and will show up now on free agent rosters - but they cannot be signed as free agents.  Attempts to sign those players will be discarded.  You'll see "Covid" in the status column in the free agent list for those players.


  • Now on your roster page: If you had players on your roster who opted out for 2020 and removed from your roster for the season, they are now displayed at the bottom of the page.


  • Some changes on the site to accout for the Covid-19 rule changes: (there may be some missing things - let me know if you find any problems)
    • The warning message for Week Zero maximum cash balance has been changed from 5000 to 11000
    • The checks on roster limits and lineups should be OK now to allow for: 46 total players / up to 10 players on the Taxi squad / up to 36 players making salary over 250 / up to 24 hitters over salary over 250 / up to 22 pitchers over salary over 250
    • Transaction page should now allow you up to 8 rounds of picks instead of 4 (good for the next 2 weeks)
    • The lineup change page shows options for setting expanded taxi squad slots for T5-T10


  • Now posted - How will BWB function during the 2020 season of Covid-19?
    • For those of you who have emailed or posted on Facebook or various blogs, I've taken your thoughts into consideration.  I couldn't implement them all - some were counter to my thoughts - some of you contradicted each other - but many of them did play a role in setting up this season.
    • A large part of what I'm trying to accomplish is to have a fun season in 2020 (if it lasts) without teams having to completely blow up their rosters and long term plans.
    • Some highlights:
      • Players opting out for the 2020 MLB season were removed from BWB rosters and will be returned after the season - all transactions for these players in Week -2 were discarded.  Their salaries have been refunded for 2020 and any contracts extended for an extra year.
      • Taxi squad will increase from 4 to 10; IR will increase from 1 to 3.
      • Transactions for Week -1 and Week Zero will allow for 8 rounds of picks instead of 4.
      • All teams were just given an extra 6000 in cash.
      • The maximum cash balance your team can carry into 2020 on Week Zero is increased from 5000 to 11000 with the new cash just provided.


  • Week -3 transaction deadline pushed back to Sunday, June 28 at midnight EDT.
  • First round draft picks?  Some of you have asked when they will be added to the player list.  Like a lot of things right now - this is TBD - but this won't happen in the near future - probably not until after we reset the transaction order again to reflect the 2019 season results.


  • Sorry for slow posting of transaction results - a combination of timing and technical issues.  I hope to have those up soon - the next deadline will NOT be this Sunday night (a July 4 opening day seems impossible now).


  • Thanks for your patience as we wait to see what's going to happen with Major League Baseball in 2020.
  • Obviously, there's not a June 1 start for MLB, so it's time to readjust the preseason calendar.
    • At the moment, we'll shoot for a July 4 MLB start date as that's been one that's been thrown around a lot
    • The next transaction week will have the deadline, as previously scheduled, of Sunday, May 31 - so nothing you'll need to do on Memorial Day weekend.
    • After that, we'll schedule transactions again to be weekly on Sundays, with a potential Week Zero deadline set for Saturday, July 4.  The Week Zero deadline typically lines up with Opening Day - so we'll be flexible with that.
    • This adds 5 more weeks of transactions.
      • All previous transaction weeks have been renumbered by 5.  Week -11 is now Week -16, and so on.
      • The deadline just passed on 5/17 is now Week -6 (I'm working on those transactions tonight)
      • The next deadline on 5/31 is now Week -5
    • The schedule for the regular season will be determined once we know when MLB will start and how many games will be played.
    • If Opening Day is stretched out past July 4, we'll adjust deadlines accordingly with more time in between them - my hope is to not have to renumber again.  If there is no baseball in 2020, then we'll figure out what comes next.
    • See the updated schedule of transaction deadlines


  • So, what happens in BWB for salaries in 2021 and for multiyear contracts?
    • At this point, any major decision/change will have to wait to see what MLB will do - but for 2021 salaries:
      • If MLB plays some sort of schedule in 2020, we'll probably adjust the salary formulas to extrapolate the reduced stats to be equivalent to 162 games.  Most of the components of the salary formula are based on raw stats - the number of games, plate appearances, innings pitched, hits, etc. - There's one 1 or 2 components that are average-based.
      • If MLB doesn't play at all in 2020, this is still TBD, but my general feel is that 2021 salaries will then be exactly the same as 2020 salaries
    • How about multi-year contracts?
      • Much like in MLB, if a contract expires in 2020, it's done.  We're not going to extend any expirations for contracts.


  • Meanwhile, with at least a glimmer of hope that there will be a partial MLB season to be played in 2020, we're looking to fill up 2 more new leagues:
    • British Invasion League is a league drafting via the list format - we need to fill 4 more teams
    • Mile High Leauge will use live drafting - we need to fill 5 more teams there
    • See our list of new leagues for 2020 for more information along with links to sign up to take the teams.
    • Or, we still have a number of orphan teams available who need good new owners ready to take them over and build them back to playoff contenders.


  • Big Red Machine League Draft - Phase Two Draft, Part Three is complete
    • See the league draft index for more information
    • Rosters populated and finances updated
    • The Phase 2 draft is now complete - your league moves into weekly transactions (next deadline is Sunday 4/5).


  • BWB Plans and Schedule Updates
    • We're still in a holding pattern to know what's going to happen with the MLB season.  Until that's announced, we can't do much more than speculate what that will do to the BWB season and schedule.
    • Had we been on the normal schedule, Thursday would have been "Week Zero" - the date at which all teams must have a legal roster and the last chance to add any players for BWB Opening Day.  The Week One deadline was to be next Thursday, April 2.
    • Thursday night we just posted the results of what was originally supposed to be "Week -2" - meaning that if we hold with the schedule format, there would only be 2 more transaction weeks (-1 and Zero) before Opening Day.
    • Just as a guess, I can't see the 2020 MLB season starting before June 1, although a lot of opinions would put it much later than that.
    • So we're going to make some adjustments:
      • Add 3 more preseason transaction weeks.  To do this and make the records/history work out, all the previously posted transaction weeks were changed by 3.  Starting with the roster carryover choices, which were marked as Week -8 - they have been converted to Week -11.  And so on.
      • Space things out a bit.  There's not a lot to act on right now.  Some teams may be ready to go.  Some teams might be out of cash.  I have a lot on my plate personally.  We don't have to do this every week.  So the remainder of the preseason will be scheduled, for now, every two weeks.
      • This updated schedule of transaction deadlines is geared toward a June 1 MLB Opening Day.  We'll adjust as the situation changes.
      • The schedule for the regular season will be determined once we know when MLB will start and how many games will be played.
    • What else will we do before MLB starts up again?
      • We still plan to draft 2 more new leagues - one list draft and one live draft.
      • I hope to have some postings up to discuss some rule change suggestions.
      • And I'm kicking around the idea of holding some kind of preseason tournament for all BWB teams using 2019 stats.  But, the structure of the BWB season is automated - to now try to set up a structure and play the games for over 1,000 teams might be too much for me to attempt.  More to come...


  • Obviously, with today's news of a delayed start to the MLB season, we're going to be in somewhat of a holding pattern.
    • Yet to be determined is whether the affected games in March/April will be made up or cancelled outright.
    • We'll look at the adjustments to the BWB schedule once we have definitive news from MLB on its plans.
    • For now, Week -2 Transactions submissions will still be due on Sunday, 3/15.  After that, we'll take a look at the schedule and maybe go at a more relaxed pace.
    • I would still like to start up 2 more new leagues for 2020 - one with a list draft and one with a live draft, but we'll see how that progresses.  That's probably the limit for what we can kick off this season.

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