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  • Week 24 Continues - Games 141-142 posted - See results
    • See standings for all leagues
    • Around BWB
    • Who are we waiting on?  These MLB teams have played the fewest games (through 9/21)
      • 149 games: Atl
      • 150 games: Cle, Col, SD, StL
      • Subtract 5 from the MLB game number to determine which BWB game can be scored - at this point we're waiting on me and not the MLB schedule
    • The next score update is expected on Friday
  • Here's the latest update to the close pennant races around BWB leagues before games post later on Wednesday.


  • 16 Division Champions from the September 20 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • A League About Nothing - Peterman Division: Overdried Clothes (owner Jason Kiernan - 31st win in 2021) - First division win in league's 5th season after 3 straight 2nd place finishes
    • Anchorman League - Chancellor Division: House of Cronkite (owner Brian Haines - 2nd win in 2021) - 2nd division win - first since 2016
    • B Movie Actor League - Burn Notice Division: California Kicked UR A$$ (owner Craig Burke) - 3rd division title - League champion in 2016; 2nd division win
    • Birdland - Eddie Murray Division: Bluth Frozen Bananas (owner Daniel Foley, Jr.) - Also won the division in 2018
    • British Invasion League - The Zombies Division: Dave Clark Five Over and Over (owner Jason Kiernan - 32nd win in 2021) - Inaugural season
    • Deuces Wild League - Cobb Division: Rock Ridge Raiders (owner Jerry King - 2nd win in 2021) - 4th division win; League champion in 2018 and 2017
    • Federal League - Buffalo Buffeds Division: Clockwork Angels (owner A Citarella) - 3rd straight division crown
    • Five Boroughs League - Bronx Division: Total Chaos (owner Roland Dupont) - Also won division in 2018
    • Four Star League - Bradley Division: Kenobi's Jedi Knights (owner Jason Kiernan - 33rd win in 2021) - 2nd straight division win
    • Game Night League - Inaugural season
      • Clue Division: Kentucky Fried Foghorn Leghorn (owner Sherman Wan - 10th win in 2021)
      • Operation Division: SoCal Blue Dogs (owner Scott Owens)
    • Minnie & Paul League - Carew Division: Bloomington Metropolitans (owner Sam Campbell) - 2nd division title - first since 2015
    • Murderers' Row - Big Ed Division: Atlanta Bronx Bombers (owner Ricardo Alexander - 5th win in 2021) - 6-time league champion; 9th division title
    • Phightin' Phils League - Klein Division: Mt. Eaton Fox Squirrels (owner Dave Matter - 6th win in 2021) - 5 straight division wins; League champ in 2018 and 2017
    • South Siders League - Minoso Division: Machynlleth Power (owner Sherman Wan - 11th win in 2021) - Defending league champion
    • Steel City League - Mazeroski Division: Roberto's Boys (owner John Hula - 7th win in 2021) - First trip to playoffs in the league's 5th season


  • Week Twenty-five Transactions PostedThe deadline for Week Twenty-six is subject to change, but for now is set at Saturday, October 9 at Noon Eastern - see Season Deadlines
    • There are no free agent signings allowed this week - only cuts and IR moves
    • Don't forget - any player on your roster with a contract for 2022 or later must be kept in December when you select your 28 players to keep.  If you've changed your mind and don't want to keep a contracted player in 2022, then your only option is to cut him this week or next week or trade him away in November.

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  • 28 Division Champions from the September 16 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Anchorman League - Rather Division: Hot Stove (owner Dave Matter - 4th win in 2021) - One previous trip to playoffs in 2017
    • B Movie Actor League - Brisco County Jr. Division: Brisco County Dharmanauts (owner John Hula - 5th win in 2021) - 3rd division title - looking for first trip to the finals
    • Batman League - Clooney Division: Biff, Bam, KKrunk (owner Jason Kiernan - 25th win in 2021) - Defending league champ, 6th division pennant
    • Beer League
      • Water Division: Goose Island 312 Chicago Microbrew (owner Jason Kiernan - 26th win in 2021) - Repeat title, 6th overall; 3-time league champ
      • Malt Division: Maiden's Trooper Ale (owner Derrick Silensky) - 2nd division title in team history
    • Blame Canada League - Kyle Division: Aurora Borealis (owner Sherman Wan - 7th win in 2021) - 5th time on top; 2 league titles (2017 and 2014)
    • British Invasion League - The Kinks Division: York Mints (owner Tom Kohl) - Inaugural season
    • Bronx Bombers League
      • Gehrig Division: Standing Stone Subtle Tsunami (owner Jay Snyder - 4th win in 2021) - Missed division win in 2020 after 5 straight; 3 league titles
      • Ford Division: DJ Alyx and the Vortigaunts (owner Sherman Wan - 8th win in 2021) - 3rd division title
      • Rizzuto Division: St. Louis Braumeisters (owner Justin Juengel) - Franchise's first division crown in league's 11th season after 4 straight 2nd-place finishes
    • Firemen League - Smith Division: House of Leary (owner Brian Haines) - 5th division crown; Has 3 league wins: 2019, 2017, and 2012
    • Golden Throat League - Ernie Harwell Division: Vin's Vacationers (owner Jason Kiernan - 27th win in 2021) - Repeat win, 4th overall
    • Hall of Fame League - Wagner Division: Ozzie Smith's Defensive Wizards (owner Jason Kiernan - 28th win in 2021) - Repeat winner, 6th overall
    • Home of the Brave - Niekro Division: Phoenix Loveweavers (owner John Stroba) - First division title - first time above 3rd place
    • K Street League - Perry Division: D.C. Lobbyists (owner Jon Swanson) - 7th division win; Only conference title was in 2014
    • Marxball - Zeppo Division: Kingston FC (owner Ricardo Alexander - 4th win in 2021) - 4th straight division title
    • Murderers' Row - Big Donkey Division: Chicago Public Enemies (owner Jerry King) - Defending league champion - 6th division win but looking for first league championship
    • Original Six League - Rangers Division: Lamoureux Mighty Dekes (owner Sherman Wan - 9th win in 2021) - Defending league champ; 2nd division pennant
    • Perfect World League - David Cone Division: Bates Motel Cabana Boys (owner Andrew Lehman - 2nd win in 2021) - 3rd division win - first since 2016
    • Phightin' Phils League - Roberts Division: Steak Sandwich Fanatics of Philadelphia (owner Jason Kiernan - 29th win in 2021) - 3rd division win
    • Redbirds League - Smith Division: Brazil 2014 Canarinho (owner Leif Jonson) - 9th division win in 16 seasons; League champ in 2019 and 2016
    • Royal Flush League
      • Patek Division: West Bottoms Hungry Heifers (owner Dave Matter - 5th win in 2021) - Best previous finish in league's first 6 seasons was 2nd (3 times)
      • Quisenberry Division: Runner Runner Royal Flush (owner John Hula - 6th win in 2021) - Also won the division in 2019
    • Shadowball League - Pittsburgh Crawfords Division: Cal Tech Atoms (owner Jamison Reese) - Repeat division winner, 7th overall; League champ twice
    • Superman League - Christopher Reeve Division: Jor El Cards (owner Michael Quinn - 3rd win in 2021) - 4th division pennant; League champ in 2017
    • They Might Be Giants - Hubbell Division: Herrickville Haberdashers (owner Jay Snyder - 5th win in 2021) - Defending league champ, 7th division win
    • White Elephant League - Fingers Division: Who's on First? Abbott or Costello (owner Jason Kiernan - 30th win in 2021) - 3rd division win in the league's 4 seasons
    • Winners Circle League - Mathewson Division: Christy Cardinals (owner Michael Quinn - 4th win in 2021) - Only previous trip to playoffs was in 2011



  • 17 Division Champions from the September 14 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Born to Run League
      • Coleman Division: Brooklyn Dodgers (owner Jason Kiernan - 20th win in 2021) - Also won the division in 2019
      • Latham Division: Nebraska Grasshoppers (owner Rick Furtak) - 3rd division title
    • Commissioners League
      • Chandler Division: Runnin' Redbirds Circa late 80's (owner Jason Kiernan - 19th win in 2021) - 9th division win; League champ in 2012 and 2011
      • Giamatti Division: Towanda Teetotalers (owner Jay Snyder - 3rd win in 2021) - 5th division win - owns 3 league crowns (2018, 2017, 2015)
    • Four Star League - Eisenhower Division: General Anesthetic (owner John Hula - 2nd win in 2021) - 3rd division win - first since 2014
    • Geek Pride League - Tomlinson Division: Ai. Phi. Oh Volunteers (owner Jason Kiernan - 21st win in 2021) - Defending league champion - 3rd division win
    • Grunge League
      • Soundgarden Division: Seattle Spoonmen (owner Michael Rudolph - 2nd win in 2021) - Also won division in 2018
      • Stone Temple Pilots Division: Plush sung by Percival Edmund (owner Jason Kiernan - 22nd win in 2021) - League champ in 2019, 2nd division title
    • Hall of Fame League - Cooperstown Division: Chicxulub Revolution (owner Sherman Wan - 6th win in 2021) - 13th division title; 4-time league champ, most recently in 2019
    • Marxball - Harpo Division: Adolph's Harpsters (owner Dave Matter - 3rd win in 2021) - Repeat title
    • Scooby Doo League
      • Shaggy Division: Rittman Corked Bats (owner Michael Rudolph - 3rd win in 2021) - 4th consecutive division win, 5th overall
      • Velma Division: Harlem Ghostbusters (owner John Hula - 3rd win in 2021) - First playoff appearance since 2016
    • Silver Screen League - Bang the Drum Slowly Division: Reality Bites (owner John Hula - 4th win in 2021) - Repeat division winner, 4th overall
    • That's the Fact Jack League - Lost in Translation Division: Passage Tombs (owner Jim Duzyk) - Also won division in 2017
    • Three of a Kind League - Speaker Division: Three Blind Mouse-ketiers (owner Jason Kiernan - 23rd win in 2021) - Repeat division winner
    • Triple Crown League
      • Medwick Division: World War Z (owner Danny Zaccaro) - 6th straight division win - looking for first trip to finals
      • Klein Division: Underwater Flying Submarines (owner Jason Kiernan - 24th win in 2021) - 6th straight division win, 7th overall; Beat World War Z in conference finals each of last 5 years


  • 11 Division Champions from the September 13 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • B Movie Actor League - My Name is Bruce Division: Don't Let Me Down (owner Jason Kiernan - 12th win in 2021) - 3rd consecutive division win
    • Blame Canada League - Stan Division: Fairplays Hubba-baloo (owner Jason Kiernan - 13th win in 2021) - Defending league champ, 2nd division title
    • Firemen League - Franco Division: Smoke on the Water (owner Sherman Wan - 5th win in 2021) - 8th division title in 9 years; 3 straight league crowns 2013-2015
    • Golden Throat League - Haray Carey Division: Atlanta Gangsters (owner Ricardo Alexander - 3rd win in 2021) - 3rd straight title, 5th overall; Looking for first league championship
    • Grand Slam League - Murray Division: Moons Over My Hammy (owner Jason Kiernan - 14th win in 2021) - Defending league champion; 3rd division win
    • Redbirds League - Dean Division: Big Arch Over St Louis (owner Jason Kiernan - 15th win in 2021) - Was league champion last year without winning division; 1st division win since 2014
    • Superman League - George Reeves Division: Hollywood Squares (owner Michael Lehman) - 3rd division title; League champ in 2012
    • They Might Be Giants League - Terry Division: McCovey Cove Candlestick Makers (owner Jason Kiernan - 16th win in 2021) - Repeat winner, 3rd overall
    • ThirtyThirtysomething League - Willie Mays Division: Gant's Galloping Ghosts (owner Jason Kiernan - 17th win in 2021) - Defending league champion - 3rd division title in league's 3 seasons
    • Three of a Kind League - Connor Division: Damien Boys of Summer (owner Michael Quinn - 2nd win in 2021) - Repeat winner, 6th overall; League champ in 2016 and 2009
    • Whiff League - Sammy Sosa Division: Big Train Rides The Ryan Express (owner Jason Kiernan - 18th win in 2021) - Defending league champion


  • As we near the end of the regular season, I like to highlight the close pennant races around BWB leagues.  There will be eventually some more detail including the status of the teams' records in head-to-head play this season along with a listing of the games they have remaining between them.  For now, we've got a list of the teams within 6 games of the division lead.


  • 13 Division Champions from the September 9 games - it was a good day for Jason: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Birdland - Jim Palmer Division: Palmer, McNally, Cuellar, Dobson Throwing 20s at the wall (owner Jason Kiernan - 6th win in 2021) - Repeat division winner
    • Chevy Chase League
      • Ty Webb Division: Rummerfield Riverhorses (owner Jay Snyder - 2nd win in 2021) - 4 division wins in 5 years, 6th overall; 2017 league champion
      • Fletch F. Fletch Division: Lampoon's Play Baseball (owner Jason Kiernan - 7th win in 2021) - 3rd straight title, 6th overall; 2 league championships including 2020
    • Deuces Wild League - Brett Division: Double or Nothing (owner Jason Kiernan - 8th win in 2021) - Defending league champ - 3rd division crown
    • Home of the Brave - Mathews Division: Spahn and Sain Then Pray for Rain (owner Jason Kiernan - 9th win in 2021) - Repeat division winner, 3rd overall
    • Longball League - Mays Division: Mudville Nine (owner Rob Behymer) - Repeat winner, 9th overall; League champion in 2016
    • Marxball - Chico Division: Fiorello's Hard Boiled Eggs (owner Jason Kiernan - 10th win in 2021) - Defending league champ plus a title in 2018; 4th division win
    • Motor City League
      • Horton Division: Trumbull Rumblers (owner John Hula) - 2nd straight division win
      • Newhouser Division: Atlanta Wolverines (owner Ricardo Alexander - 2nd win in 2021) - 5th consecutive tltle, 6th overall; League champ in 2018 and 2017
    • Shadowball League - Chicago American Giants Division: Las Vegas Billionaires (owner Jim Sowerby) - Repeat winner, 11th overall; League champ 4 times most recently in 2015
    • Silver Screen League - Angels in the Outfield Division: Court Jesters (owner Jason Kiernan - 11th win in 2021) - Defending league champion - 2nd division win
    • That's the Fact Jack League - Caddyshack Division: Ty's Ties (owner Dave Matter - 2nd win in 2021) - Repeat winner
    • Wes Anderson League - The Darjeeling Limited Division: Twee True Outcomes (owner Sherman Wan - 4th win in 2021) - Defending league champ - 2nd division title


  • 9 Division Champions from the September 6 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Beer League - Hops Division: Kingfisher Ale Slammers (owner Tom Twomey) - 11th consecutive division title, 12th overall; Only one trip to finals in 2011 when league champion
    • Broadway League - Take Me Out Division: Jekyll & Hyde Singing in the Chicago Rain (owner Jason Kiernan - 4th win in 2021) - 3rd straight division win; League champ in 2019
    • Geek Pride League - Berners-Lee Division: Boba Chette and the Darksabers (owner Sherman Wan) - 6th division crown - won the league twice in 2017 and 2015
    • Grand Slam League - Ventura Division: Moons Over My Hammy (owner Sherman Wan - 2nd win in 2021) - 4th division title in 5 years; League champ in 2018
    • Home of the Brave - Nichols Division: Santa Clarita Lost Boys (owner Andrew Lehman) - 2nd division title; League champion in 2017
    • Pacific Northwest League - Huskies Division: Snoqualmie Owls (owner Sherman Wan - 3rd win in 2021) - Defending league champion - 5th division win (first time in an odd year)
    • Royal Flush League - Otis Division: Speed Wins and Homers do too!!! (owner Jason Kiernan - 5th win in 2021) - Repeat winner, 3rd time overall
    • Tobacco Road League - Wolfpack Division: Cape Fear Sea Wolves (owner Dave Matter) - Also a division winner in 2019
    • Winners Circle League - Alexander Division: Meshoppen Mythomaniacs (owner Jay Snyder) - First playoff appearance since 2013


  • Note - this is the FINAL week to sign free agents for the 2021 regular season.  Transactions in Weeks 25 and 26 are for cuts and IR moves only.


  • A quick note on the suspended game from April 11 between Miami and the Mets that finished earlier this week. We count stats for suspended games at the time the game is completed and the suspended game became Miami's Game 132 and New York's Game 131. Usually those stats are just normal, but usually suspended games have at least several innings played on the original date. In this case - only 2 batters appeared. With that in mind, BWB made these judgments regarding stats usage:
    • There were several players on Miami's starting lineup on April 11 who were traded before the game's completion and they all had zero or one at bats.  The Miami stats on Aug 31/Game 132 for those players were ignored and instead we used their current team's Game 132 stats.  This affected: Corey Dickerson, Starling Marte, Adam Duvall, Chad Wallach, and John Curtiss (no team has Curtiss in its rotation right now, but his start would have been discarded).
    • Two Mets currently on the IL started that day and with the Mets the home team, they never had an at bat. Their "appearance" was ignored for New York's Game 131: Luis Guillorme and Tomas Nido.
    • Marcus Stroman faced 2 batters.  This start was discarded from the starting pitching queue.
  • 2 Division Champions from the September 3 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Gone But Not Forgotten League - Brooklyn Dodgers Division: Larry, Pedro, Kenny Hill and the 1994 Expos (owner Jason Kiernan - 2nd win in 2021) - Defending league champion - 3rd division title in the league's 3 years of play
    • Kings of Queens - McGraw Division: Doc and Straw and Mookie!!! (owner Jason Kiernan - 3rd win in 2021) - Also won the division in 2019


  • 3 Division Champions from the September 2 games: (See standings for all leagues)
    • American Association - Philadelphia Athletics Division: Cleveland Spiders (owner Michael Rudolph) - Defending league champion - 2nd division win
    • Big Red Machine League - Tony Perez Division: Atlanta Redbirds (owner Ricardo Alexander) - Repeat winner
    • Deuces Wild League - Biggio Division: Sugarland Cards (owner Michael Quinn) - 3rd straight division win - 7th overall; League champ in 2019


  • Roughly about the same time every year, from the August 29 games in Game 121...congratulations to our first Division Champion: (See standings for all leagues)
    • Scooby Doo League - Fred Division: Where Are You? (owner Jason Kiernan) - Where was the last undefeated team this year, going 17-0 to start the season. Defending league champion; 3rd division title


  • Roster expansion is in play for games during Weeks 23-25.  You can start setting those specific taxi/minor spots now - a week early - so that you don't have to do it all in one week.


  • This is the final week this season to move any players to your Prospects Roster
    • More information about this is on the selection form and in the rules
    • Essentially you have the ability to protect up to 5 minor league players and they won't count against the 28-player limit for your roster carryover into 2022.
    • Each move costs 250, so you must have enough cash on hand to make those moves


  • With Game 100, we've reached the 2/3 mark of the regular season


  • Ten days until the trade deadline - trades are due by Week 20 - deadline is Sunday, August 15 at 7 PM EDT.


  • 2021 first-round pick Kumar Rocker did not sign with the Mets by the MLB deadline.  He will be removed from the player list this week - any signing attempts of Rocker this week will be discarded.
  • When players are traded, quite often they are going to a team that has played either more games or fewer games than their original team.  For ease of keeping track, BWB does not track the dates that players are traded, but does check the MLB game number of the games that they played.
    • This is kind of a liberal interpretation and it may allow for an extra game or two to be counted.  For example, If a player sat out Team A's Game 100 and played in Team A's Game 101, then got traded to Team B that has only played 98 games so far, if he plays in Team B's Game 100, he'll get credit for those stats.
    • This can also mean that a player is going to miss some games if he goes from a team that played fewer games to a team that has played more.
    • When there are duplicate MLB games for a player, the one that happened first on his old team will be counted.
    • I'm just processing the MLB box scores from the past 3 days and something I noticed that will be of interest to Anthony Rizzo owners.  Rizzo had already played for the Cubs in Chicago's MLB Games 102 & 103.  With the Yankees, Rizzo homered in both of the Yankees' Games 102 & 103.  But because we take the first game played, you're not going to see those HRs in your games from Rizzo.

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