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New Position Assignments This Season

Players are assigned positions for the current season based on where they played the previous season in MLB games.  As new players are entered into the system during the winter or during the season, their listed position at Baseball America provides their initial authorized position.

For lineup purposes, a player cannot be placed in a fielding position for which he is not authorized.

During the regular season, positions can be added to hitters for one of two reasons:

  • Plays 10 total games at a given position
  • Plays 5 consecutive games at a given position (Games as DH, or as only a PH/PR do not break a 5-game streak)

Pitchers are listed as either SP or RP, but that position designation is only meant as a guideline.  To provide better guidance for lineups, BWB will update positions during the season for these situations:

  • Starting Pitcher with 3 or more relief appearances will have "RP" added to his position
  • Relief Pitcher with 2 or more starts will have "SP" added to his position
    • In a 2022 change, BWB will be looking more closely at relievers who have starts. In the age of the opener and the bullpen game, adding "SP" to bullpen guys who don't pitch more than an inning or two doesn't provide much help to you. It's not a perfect number, but for the most part we're looking for 2 or more starts that last greater than 2 IP.

New positions are typically updated for players every 2-3 days.  Players can only be placed into their new positions once the player list on the website has been updated - and only for the current week - they cannot retroactively be applied to previous weeks.  However, once the player qualifies for a new position, if he is listed as a bench player or your team's DH, he can sub into the lineup using the new position.

See BWB Rules on positions


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Position Additions


NameML TeamNew PositionReasonDate QualifiedDate Posted
Diego A. CastilloPit2B5 consecutive games4/16/20224/20/2022
Santiago EspinalTor2B5 consecutive games4/12/20224/20/2022
Nicky LopezKC2B5 consecutive games4/12/20224/20/2022
Nick SolakTexOF5 consecutive games4/17/20224/20/2022
Trevor StoryBos2B5 consecutive games4/16/20224/20/2022
Bryson StottPhi2B5 consecutive games4/16/20224/20/2022
Bobby Witt Jr.KC3B5 consecutive games4/12/20224/20/2022
Colin MoranCin3B5 consecutive games4/20/20224/23/2022
Johan CamargoPhiSS5 consecutive games4/23/20224/25/2022
Sergio AlcantaraAri3B10 total games4/27/20224/28/2022
Taylor WallsTB3B5 consecutive games4/28/20224/29/2022
Luis ArraezMin1B5 consecutive games5/1/20225/8/2022
Seth BrownOak1B10 total games4/30/20225/8/2022
Diego A. CastilloPitSS5 consecutive games5/1/20225/8/2022
Richie PalaciosCleOF5 consecutive games5/1/20225/8/2022
Brad MillerTex3B10 total games5/8/20225/11/2022
Max MuncyLAD3B10 total games5/7/20225/11/2022
Christian BethancourtOak1B10 total games5/14/20225/16/2022
Dee Strange-GordonWasSS5 consecutive games5/14/20225/16/2022
Rodolfo CastroPitSS5 consecutive games5/17/20225/18/2022
Brian AndersonMiaOF10 total games5/21/20225/23/2022
Jose MirandaMin1B10 total games5/20/20225/23/2022
Matt W. ReynoldsCin2B10 total games5/19/20225/23/2022
Brandon DruryCin2B10 total games5/23/20225/25/2022
Brandon DruryCin2B10 total games5/23/20225/25/2022
Nolan GormanStL2B5 consecutive games5/24/20225/25/2022
Nolan GormanStL2B5 consecutive games5/24/20225/25/2022
Juan YepezStLOF10 total games5/27/20225/30/2022
Josh H. SmithTex3B5 consecutive games6/3/20226/5/2022
Christian ArroyoBosOF10 total games6/7/20226/9/2022
Brendan DonovanStLOF10 total games6/4/20226/9/2022
Tommy EdmanStLSS10 total games6/4/20226/9/2022
Christopher MorelChCOF10 total games6/4/20226/9/2022
Tyler NevinBal3B10 total games6/5/20226/9/2022
Kody ClemensDetOF5 consecutive games6/8/20226/11/2022
Garrett HampsonColSS10 total games6/9/20226/11/2022
Harold RamirezTB1B10 total games6/10/20226/11/2022
Kevin SmithOakSS10 total games6/8/20226/11/2022
Ezequiel DuranTex3B5 consecutive games6/12/20226/13/2022
Brendan DonovanStL3B10 total games6/13/20226/17/2022
Christopher MorelChC2B10 total games6/15/20226/17/2022
Orlando ArciaAtl2B5 consecutive games6/17/20226/20/2022
Jonah BrideOak3B5 consecutive games6/18/20226/20/2022
Brendan DonovanStL1B10 total games6/21/20226/22/2022
Nicky LopezKC3B5 consecutive games6/19/20226/22/2022
Richie MartinBal2B5 consecutive games6/23/20226/24/2022
Dylan MooreSeaSS10 total games6/22/20226/24/2022
Nick AllenOak2B10 total games6/26/20226/29/2022
Eddy AlvarezLADOF5 consecutive games6/28/20226/29/2022
Jose MirandaMin3B10 total games6/28/20226/29/2022
Sheldon NeuseOak1B10 total games6/24/20226/29/2022
David MackinnonLAA3B5 consecutive games7/2/20227/3/2022
Andrelton SimmonsChC2B10 total games6/29/20227/3/2022
Christian ArroyoBosSS10 total games7/3/20227/6/2022
Ernie ClementCleOF10 total games7/4/20227/6/2022
Philip GosselinAtl2B5 consecutive games7/5/20227/6/2022
Diego A. CastilloPitOF10 total games7/9/20227/11/2022
Trey ManciniBalOF10 total games6/22/20227/11/2022
Matt CarpenterNYYOF5 consecutive games7/14/20227/15/2022
Nolan JonesCleOF5 consecutive games7/12/20227/15/2022
Matt W. ReynoldsCinOF10 total games7/13/20227/15/2022
Yermin MercedesSFOF5 consecutive games7/16/20227/17/2022
C.J. AbramsSD2B10 total games7/22/20227/30/2022
Santiago EspinalTorSS10 total games7/29/20227/30/2022
Isaac ParedesTB1B10 total games7/27/20227/30/2022
Donovan SolanoCin3B10 total games7/28/20227/30/2022
Josh VanMeterPit1B10 total games7/23/20227/30/2022
Charlie CulbersonTex2B10 total games7/31/20228/5/2022
M.J. MelendezKCOF10 total games8/2/20228/5/2022
Kody ClemensDet1B10 total games8/14/20228/15/2022
Josh H. SmithTexOF10 total games8/14/20228/15/2022
Nick MatonPhiOF5 consecutive games8/22/20228/27/2022
Joey MenesesWasOF10 total games8/23/20228/27/2022
Charles LeblancMia2B5 consecutive games8/28/20228/29/2022
Stephen VogtOak1B10 total games8/27/20228/29/2022
Matt DuffyLAA1B10 total games8/29/20228/31/2022
Cooper HummelAriC5 consecutive games8/31/20229/4/2022
Elehuris MonteroCol3B10 total games9/1/20229/4/2022
Oswaldo CabreraNYYOF10 total games9/4/20229/5/2022
Wil MyersSD1B10 total games9/6/20229/7/2022
Christian ArroyoBos3B10 total games9/7/20229/9/2022
Donovan SolanoCin1B10 total games9/9/20229/11/2022
Jermaine PalaciosMin2B5 consecutive games9/15/20229/17/2022
J.D. DavisSF1B10 total games9/18/20229/21/2022
Tyler FreemanCle3B10 total games9/17/20229/21/2022
Jordan GroshansMia3B5 consecutive games9/17/20229/21/2022
Christopher MorelChCSS10 total games9/17/20229/21/2022
Matt ThaissLAAC10 total games9/18/20229/21/2022
Michael TogliaColOF10 total games9/20/20229/21/2022
Zack CollinsPit1B5 consecutive games9/21/20229/24/2022
Matt W. ReynoldsCin3B10 total games9/21/20229/24/2022
Jonathan ArandaTB1B10 total games9/28/20229/29/2022
Jonathan ArandaTB1B10 total games9/28/20229/29/2022
Jordan DiazOak2B5 consecutive games9/25/20229/29/2022
Jordan DiazOak2B5 consecutive games9/25/20229/29/2022
Matt W. ReynoldsCin1B10 total games9/24/20229/29/2022
Matt W. ReynoldsCin1B10 total games9/24/20229/29/2022
Terrin VavraBalOF10 total games9/25/20229/29/2022
Terrin VavraBalOF10 total games9/25/20229/29/2022
Ford ProctorSF2B5 consecutive games10/1/202210/2/2022
Alec BurlesonStL1B5 consecutive games10/4/202210/19/2022
Diego A. CastilloPit1B5 consecutive games10/5/202210/19/2022
Cesar HernandezWasOF10 total games10/4/202210/19/2022
Otto LopezTorSS5 consecutive games10/5/202210/19/2022
Zach McKinstryChCSS10 total games10/5/202210/19/2022
Miguel RojasMia1B10 total games10/2/202210/19/2022
Juan YepezStL3B5 consecutive games10/5/202210/19/2022


NameML TeamNew PositionReasonDate Posted
Keegan AkinBalRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Tyler AlexanderDetSP2 starts4/20/2022
Jaime BarriaLAARP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Ty BlachColRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Brock BurkeTexRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Roansy ContrerasPitRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Kutter CrawfordBosRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Wil CrowePitRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Jhoan DuranMinRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Paolo EspinoWasRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Taylor HearnTexSP2 starts4/20/2022
Carlos HernandezKCSP2 starts4/20/2022
Daulton JefferiesOakSP2 starts4/20/2022
Michael KopechCWSSP2 starts4/20/2022
Jorge LopezBalRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Michael LorenzenLAASP2 starts4/20/2022
Eli MorganCleRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Dillon PetersPitRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Jose QuintanaPitSP2 starts4/20/2022
Drew RasmussenTBSP2 starts4/20/2022
Clarke SchmidtNYYRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Luis SeverinoNYYSP2 starts4/20/2022
Justin SteeleChCSP2 starts4/20/2022
Ranger SuarezPhiSP2 starts4/20/2022
Jose UrenaMilRP3 relief appearances4/20/2022
Tyler WellsBalSP2 starts4/20/2022
Logan AllenCleRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Ryan CastellaniOakRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Griffin JaxMinRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Matt MooreTexRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Konnor PilkingtonCleRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Cody PoteetMiaRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Garrett RichardsTexRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Justus SheffieldSeaRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Miguel YajurePitRP3 relief appearances4/23/2022
Kolby AllardTexRP3 relief appearances4/25/2022
Corbin MartinAriRP3 relief appearances4/25/2022
Wily PeraltaDetRP3 relief appearances4/25/2022
Jackson StephensAtlRP3 relief appearances4/25/2022
Josh WinderMinRP3 relief appearances4/25/2022
Aaron AshbyMilSP2 starts4/28/2022
Jordan HicksStLSP2 starts4/28/2022
Brady SingerKCRP3 relief appearances4/28/2022
Garrett WhitlockBosSP2 starts4/29/2022
Chase De JongPitRP3 relief appearances5/8/2022
Josh FlemingTBSP2 starts5/8/2022
Cristian JavierHouSP2 starts5/8/2022
Josh RogersWasRP3 relief appearances5/8/2022
Taylor WidenerAriRP3 relief appearances5/8/2022
Packy NaughtonStLRP3 relief appearances5/11/2022
Connor OvertonCinSP2 starts5/11/2022
Jeffrey SpringsTBSP2 starts5/11/2022
Beau SulserPitRP3 relief appearances5/11/2022
Trevor WilliamsNYMRP3 relief appearances5/14/2022
Tanner HouckBosRP3 relief appearances5/16/2022
Jake JunisSFSP2 starts5/16/2022
Keegan ThompsonChCSP2 starts5/18/2022
Daniel CastanoMiaRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Daniel CastanoMiaRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Daniel CastanoMiaRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Daniel CastanoMiaRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Ross StriplingTorRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Ross StriplingTorRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Ross StriplingTorRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Ross StriplingTorRP3 relief appearances5/20/2022
Devin SmeltzerMinSP2 starts5/23/2022
Jared SolomonCinRP3 relief appearances5/25/2022
Jared SolomonCinRP3 relief appearances5/25/2022
Mitchell WhiteLADSP2 starts5/27/2022
Bailey FalterPhiSP2 starts5/30/2022
Rony GarciaDetSP2 starts6/1/2022
Foster GriffinKCRP3 relief appearances6/1/2022
Mark LeiterChCRP3 relief appearances6/5/2022
Spencer StriderAtlSP2 starts6/9/2022
Andre PallanteStLSP2 starts6/11/2022
Manny BanuelosNYYRP3 relief appearances6/13/2022
Alec MillsChCRP3 relief appearances6/13/2022
Sam LongSFSP2 starts6/17/2022
Reiver SanmartinCinRP3 relief appearances6/17/2022
Drew HutchisonDetSP2 starts6/20/2022
Jimmy LambertCWSRP3 relief appearances6/20/2022
Johan OviedoStLRP3 relief appearances6/22/2022
Adrian MorejonSDRP3 relief appearances6/24/2022
Zack ThompsonStLRP3 relief appearances6/24/2022
Adam OllerOakRP3 relief appearances6/29/2022
Vincent VelasquezCWSRP3 relief appearances6/29/2022
Austin VothBalSP2 starts6/29/2022
Max CastilloTorRP3 relief appearances7/3/2022
Nick MartinezSDRP3 relief appearances7/3/2022
Luke WeaverAriRP3 relief appearances7/3/2022
Mark AppelPhiRP3 relief appearances7/6/2022
Sean HjelleSFRP3 relief appearances7/6/2022
Jackson KowarKCRP3 relief appearances7/6/2022
Cristopher SanchezPhiSP2 starts7/6/2022
Matt SwarmerChCRP3 relief appearances7/6/2022
Elieser HernandezMiaRP3 relief appearances7/15/2022
J.P. SearsNYYRP3 relief appearances7/15/2022
Anderson EspinozaChCRP3 relief appearances7/17/2022
Tanner TullyCleRP3 relief appearances7/17/2022
Matt BrashSeaRP3 relief appearances7/21/2022
Erasmo RamirezWasSP2 starts7/21/2022
Steven BraultChCRP3 relief appearances7/30/2022
Austin GomberColRP3 relief appearances7/30/2022
Davis MartinCWSRP3 relief appearances7/30/2022
David PetersonNYMRP3 relief appearances7/30/2022
Kirk McCartyCleRP3 relief appearances8/5/2022
Francisco MoralesPhiRP3 relief appearances8/5/2022
Ryan YarbroughTBRP3 relief appearances8/5/2022
Cory AbbottWasSP2 starts8/8/2022
Bryan GarciaDetSP2 starts8/8/2022
Cole SandsMinRP3 relief appearances8/11/2022
Jason AlexanderMilRP3 relief appearances8/15/2022
Tyler BeedePitSP2 starts8/15/2022
Daniel NorrisDetSP2 starts8/19/2022
Touki ToussaintLAARP3 relief appearances8/27/2022
Brad KellerKCRP3 relief appearances8/29/2022
Yusei KikuchiTorRP3 relief appearances8/29/2022
Mike MayersLAASP2 starts8/31/2022
A.J. AlexyTexRP3 relief appearances9/4/2022
Luis CessaCinSP2 starts9/4/2022
Shawn ArmstrongTBSP2 starts9/5/2022
Chris FlexenSeaRP3 relief appearances9/5/2022
Zach LogueOakRP3 relief appearances9/9/2022
Zach ThompsonPitRP3 relief appearances9/9/2022
Bryse WilsonPitRP3 relief appearances9/9/2022
Matt BoydSeaRP3 relief appearances9/11/2022
D.L. HallBalRP3 relief appearances9/15/2022
Garrett HillDetRP3 relief appearances9/15/2022
Aaron SanchezMinRP3 relief appearances9/24/2022
Collin WilesOakRP3 relief appearances9/24/2022
Adbert AlzolayChCRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Adbert AlzolayChCRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Michael BaumannBalSP2 starts9/29/2022
Michael BaumannBalSP2 starts9/29/2022
Zach EflinPhiRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Zach EflinPhiRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Bryan HoeingMiaRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Bryan HoeingMiaRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Jared KoenigOakRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Jared KoenigOakRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Tylor MegillNYMRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Tylor MegillNYMRP3 relief appearances9/29/2022
Hunter BrownHouRP3 relief appearances10/2/2022
Ronny HenriquezMinRP3 relief appearances10/2/2022
Steven MatzStLRP3 relief appearances10/2/2022
Kevin HergetTBRP3 relief appearances10/19/2022