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New Position Assignments This Season

Players are assigned positions for the current season based on where they played the previous season in MLB games.  As new players are entered into the system during the winter or during the season, their listed position at Baseball America provides their initial authorized position.

For lineup purposes, a player cannot be placed in a fielding position for which he is not authorized.

During the regular season, positions can be added to hitters for one of two reasons:

  • Plays 10 total games at a given position
  • Plays 5 consecutive games at a given position (Games as DH, or as only a PH/PR do not break a 5-game streak)

Pitchers are listed as either SP or RP, but that position designation is only meant as a guideline.  To provide better guidance for lineups, BWB will update positions during the season for these situations:

  • Starting Pitcher with 3 or more relief appearances will have "RP" added to his position
  • Relief Pitcher with 2 or more starts will have "SP" added to his position
    • In a 2022 change, BWB will be looking more closely at relievers who have starts. In the age of the opener and the bullpen game, adding "SP" to bullpen guys who don't pitch more than an inning or two doesn't provide much help to you. It's not a perfect number, but for the most part we're looking for 2 or more starts that last greater than 2 IP.

New positions are typically updated for players every 2-3 days.  Players can only be placed into their new positions once the player list on the website has been updated - and only for the current week - they cannot retroactively be applied to previous weeks.  However, once the player qualifies for a new position, if he is listed as a bench player or your team's DH, he can sub into the lineup using the new position.

See BWB Rules on positions


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Position Additions


NameML TeamNew PositionReasonDate QualifiedDate Posted
Jake AluWasOF10 total games8/31/20239/3/2023
Gabriel AriasCleOF10 total games5/28/20235/29/2023
Jose BarreroCinOF10 total games5/22/20235/25/2023
Mookie BettsLAD2B10 total games5/23/20235/25/2023
Mookie BettsLADSS10 total games6/18/20236/22/2023
Cavan BiggioTor3B10 total games9/10/20239/13/2023
Jose CaballeroSea2B10 total games5/12/20235/14/2023
Jeimer CandelarioChC1B10 total games8/22/20238/23/2023
Harold CastroColOF10 total games5/27/20235/29/2023
Willi CastroMin3B10 total games5/27/20235/29/2023
Jake CavePhi1B10 total games8/25/20238/28/2023
Brandon DixonSDOF10 total games7/15/20237/17/2023
Ezequiel DuranTexSS10 total games5/3/20235/4/2023
Tommy EdmanStLOF10 total games6/3/20236/4/2023
Xavier EdwardsMia2B10 total games9/11/20239/13/2023
Eduardo EscobarLAA2B10 total games6/30/20237/1/2023
Maikel GarciaKC3B10 total games5/17/20235/18/2023
Nolan GormanStL3B10 total games6/28/20237/1/2023
Sam HaggertySea2B10 total games9/15/20239/17/2023
Enrique HernandezLAD3B10 total games9/13/20239/17/2023
Enrique HernandezLAD1B10 total games9/28/202310/1/2023
Andy IbanezDetOF10 total games6/21/20236/22/2023
Ha-seong KimSD2B10 total games4/13/20234/14/2023
Isiah Kiner-FalefaNYYOF10 total games4/23/20234/24/2023
Isiah Kiner-FalefaNYY3B10 total games6/22/20236/25/2023
Miles MastrobuoniChC3B10 total games7/9/20237/11/2023
Matt McLainCin2B10 total games7/8/20237/9/2023
Matt McLainCin2B10 total games7/8/20237/9/2023
Owen MillerMil3B10 total games5/22/20235/25/2023
Kevin NewmanCin3B10 total games6/2/20236/4/2023
Oswald PerazaNYY3B10 total games8/22/20238/23/2023
Geraldo PerdomoAri2B10 total games6/14/20236/15/2023
Geraldo PerdomoAri3B10 total games8/24/20238/28/2023
Salvador PerezKC1B10 total games8/15/20238/16/2023
Jace PetersonOak2B10 total games6/7/20236/8/2023
Zach RemillardCWSOF10 total games9/12/20239/13/2023
Luis RengifoLAAOF10 total games7/3/20237/4/2023
Luis RengifoLAAOF10 total games7/3/20237/4/2023
Pablo ReyesBos2B10 total games6/6/20236/8/2023
Emmanuel RiveraAri1B10 total games9/14/20239/17/2023
Anthony SantanderBal1B10 total games7/19/20237/21/2023
Casey SchmittSF2B10 total games7/7/20237/9/2023
Casey SchmittSF2B10 total games7/7/20237/9/2023
Jonathan SchoopDet3B10 total games6/8/20236/11/2023
Jonathan SchoopDet3B10 total games6/8/20236/11/2023
Zack ShortDet3B10 total games6/24/20236/25/2023
Tyler SoderstromOak1B10 total games9/15/20239/17/2023
Lenyn SosaCWS3B10 total games10/1/202310/7/2023
Spencer SteerCinOF10 total games7/6/20237/8/2023
Chris TaylorLAD3B10 total games5/21/20235/22/2023
Samad TaylorKCOF10 total games8/5/20238/8/2023
Samad TaylorKCOF10 total games8/5/20238/8/2023
Justin TurnerBos2B10 total games7/30/20238/1/2023
Ramon UriasBal1B10 total games7/9/20237/11/2023
Giovanny UrshelaLAA1B10 total games4/28/20235/1/2023
Ildemaro VargasWasOF10 total games7/30/20238/1/2023
Mark VientosNYM1B10 total games9/30/202310/7/2023
Matt VierlingDet3B10 total games8/15/20238/16/2023
Jordan WestburgBal2B10 total games7/19/20237/21/2023
Jake AluWas2B5 consecutive games8/9/20238/12/2023
Elvis AndrusCWS2B5 consecutive games4/3/20234/5/2023
Orlando ArciaAtlSS5 consecutive games4/4/20234/8/2023
Jake BauersNYY1B5 consecutive games8/6/20238/8/2023
Jake BauersNYY1B5 consecutive games8/6/20238/8/2023
Cody BellingerChC1B5 consecutive games6/20/20236/22/2023
Travis BlankenhornWasOF5 consecutive games9/6/20239/9/2023
Kris BryantCol1B5 consecutive games9/20/20239/22/2023
Michael BuschLAD3B5 consecutive games6/21/20236/22/2023
Trey CabbageLAA1B5 consecutive games7/22/20237/24/2023
Trey CabbageLAAOF5 consecutive games9/6/20239/9/2023
Kole CalhounCle1B5 consecutive games8/13/20238/14/2023
Mark CanhaNYM1B5 consecutive games6/11/20236/15/2023
Jazz ChisholmMiaOF5 consecutive games4/3/20234/5/2023
Ernie ClementTorSS5 consecutive games9/2/20239/3/2023
Henry DavisPitOF5 consecutive games6/25/20236/28/2023
Jordan DiazOak3B5 consecutive games8/6/20238/8/2023
Jordan DiazOak3B5 consecutive games8/6/20238/8/2023
Brandon DixonSD1B5 consecutive games5/26/20235/29/2023
Ezequiel DuranTexOF5 consecutive games4/5/20234/8/2023
Christian Encarnacion-StrandCin1B5 consecutive games8/3/20238/4/2023
Kyle FarmerMin2B5 consecutive games4/5/20234/8/2023
Jose FerminStL2B5 consecutive games8/21/20238/23/2023
David FryCleC5 consecutive games5/24/20235/25/2023
Joey GalloMin1B5 consecutive games4/4/20234/8/2023
Zack GelofOak2B5 consecutive games7/18/20237/21/2023
Hunter GoodmanColOF5 consecutive games9/17/20239/22/2023
Vaughn GrissomAtlSS5 consecutive games4/18/20234/20/2023
Vaughn GrissomAtlSS5 consecutive games4/18/20234/20/2023
Bryce HarperPhi1B5 consecutive games7/28/20237/29/2023
Nico HoernerChC2B5 consecutive games4/4/20234/8/2023
Andy IbanezDet2B5 consecutive games5/27/20235/29/2023
Nolan JonesCol1B5 consecutive games5/30/20235/31/2023
Nolan JonesCol1B5 consecutive games5/30/20235/31/2023
Josh LesterBal1B5 consecutive games6/21/20236/22/2023
Royce LewisMin3B5 consecutive games6/3/20236/4/2023
Andre LipciusDet3B5 consecutive games9/7/20239/9/2023
Nick MadrigalChC3B5 consecutive games4/23/20234/24/2023
Tucupita MarcanoPitSS5 consecutive games5/9/20235/11/2023
Tucupita MarcanoPitSS5 consecutive games5/9/20235/11/2023
Noelvi MarteCin3B5 consecutive games8/25/20238/28/2023
Ronny MauricioNYM2B5 consecutive games9/6/20239/9/2023
Ryan McMahonCol2B5 consecutive games4/3/20234/5/2023
Curtis MeadTB3B5 consecutive games8/13/20238/14/2023
Tyler NevinDetOF5 consecutive games6/27/20236/28/2023
Kyren ParisLAASS5 consecutive games9/5/20239/6/2023
Liover PegueroPit2B5 consecutive games8/6/20238/8/2023
Liover PegueroPit2B5 consecutive games8/6/20238/8/2023
Jorge PolancoMin3B5 consecutive games8/2/20238/4/2023
Amed RosarioLAD2B5 consecutive games8/4/20238/5/2023
Blake SabolSFC5 consecutive games4/11/20234/14/2023
Jean SeguraMia3B5 consecutive games4/4/20234/8/2023
Nick SenzelCin3B5 consecutive games4/30/20235/1/2023
Trevor StoryBosSS5 consecutive games8/16/20238/17/2023
Chris TaylorLADSS5 consecutive games4/8/20234/10/2023
Jared TrioloPit2B5 consecutive games8/15/20238/16/2023
Brice TurangMil2B5 consecutive games4/4/20234/8/2023
Justin TurnerBos1B5 consecutive games5/6/20235/7/2023
Justin TurnerBos1B5 consecutive games5/6/20235/7/2023
Enmanuel ValdezBos2B5 consecutive games4/29/20235/1/2023
Miguel VargasLAD2B5 consecutive games4/3/20234/5/2023
Andrew VelazquezLAA2B5 consecutive games7/18/20237/21/2023
Anthony VolpeNYYSS5 consecutive games4/4/20234/8/2023
Jared WalshLAAOF5 consecutive games9/22/20239/26/2023
Jared WalshLAAOF5 consecutive games9/22/20239/26/2023
Brett WiselySFOF5 consecutive games4/22/20234/24/2023


NameML TeamNew PositionReasonDate Posted
Kolby AllardAtlSP2 starts7/8/2023
Pedro AvilaSDSP2 starts8/28/2023
Pedro AvilaSDSP2 starts8/29/2023
Tanner BanksCWSSP2 starts6/28/2023
Jaime BarriaLAASP2 starts6/4/2023
Brandon BielakHouSP2 starts5/14/2023
Ty BlachColSP2 starts8/1/2023
Ronel BlancoHouSP2 starts6/8/2023
Matt BoydDetSP2 starts4/10/2023
Hunter BrownHouSP2 starts4/10/2023
Luis CessaCinSP2 starts4/14/2023
Noah DavisColSP2 starts4/24/2023
Josh FlemingTBSP2 starts5/18/2023
Bryan HoeingMiaSP2 starts5/1/2023
Tanner HouckBosSP2 starts4/10/2023
Andre JacksonPitSP2 starts8/23/2023
Michael KingNYYSP2 starts8/29/2023
Dinelson LametColSP2 starts6/8/2023
Zack LittellTBSP2 starts8/1/2023
Ben LivelyCinSP2 starts5/25/2023
Seth LugoSDSP2 starts4/10/2023
Nick MartinezSDSP2 starts4/10/2023
Mike MayersKCSP2 starts6/18/2023
Tom MiloneSeaSP2 starts7/8/2023
Zach NealOakSP2 starts9/3/2023
Sean NewcombOakSP2 starts9/17/2023
Johan OviedoPitSP2 starts4/10/2023
Erasmo RamirezTBSP2 starts8/23/2023
Denyi ReyesNYMSP2 starts9/3/2023
Trevor RichardsTorSP2 starts6/18/2023
Kenny RosenbergLAASP2 starts9/13/2023
Cristopher SanchezPhiSP2 starts6/18/2023
Clarke SchmidtNYYSP2 starts4/10/2023
Matthew StrahmPhiSP2 starts4/14/2023
Zack ThompsonStLSP2 starts8/23/2023
Touki ToussaintCWSSP2 starts7/4/2023
Touki ToussaintCWSSP2 starts7/4/2023
Vincent VelasquezPitSP2 starts4/10/2023
Ryan WalkerSFSP2 starts8/1/2023
Luke WeaverCinSP2 starts4/27/2023
Garrett WhitlockBosSP2 starts4/17/2023
Trevor WilliamsWasSP2 starts4/10/2023
Jake WoodfordStLSP2 starts4/10/2023
Ryan YarbroughKCSP2 starts5/4/2023
Cory AbbottWasRP3 relief appearances6/22/2023
Tyler AlexanderDetRP3 relief appearances4/10/2023
Javier AssadChCRP3 relief appearances5/11/2023
Javier AssadChCRP3 relief appearances5/11/2023
Sam BachmanLAARP3 relief appearances6/4/2023
Jordan BalazovicMinRP3 relief appearances6/28/2023
Tristan BeckSFRP3 relief appearances5/1/2023
Osvaldo BidoPitRP3 relief appearances8/16/2023
Cody BradfordTexRP3 relief appearances7/21/2023
Beau BrieskeDetRP3 relief appearances7/24/2023
Jhony BritoNYYRP3 relief appearances8/28/2023
Slade CecconiAriRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Slade CecconiAriRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Yonny ChirinosTBRP3 relief appearances4/24/2023
Roansy ContrerasPitRP3 relief appearances6/22/2023
Austin CoxKCRP3 relief appearances6/15/2023
Kutter CrawfordBosRP3 relief appearances5/1/2023
Cooper CriswellTBRP3 relief appearances5/22/2023
Johnny CuetoMiaRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Johnny CuetoMiaRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Xzavion CurryCleRP3 relief appearances4/14/2023
Davis DanielLAARP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Tucker DavidsonLAARP3 relief appearances4/17/2023
Jhonathan DiazLAARP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Jhonathan DiazLAARP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Dane DunningTexRP3 relief appearances4/10/2023
Mason EnglertDetRP3 relief appearances4/8/2023
Alex FaedoDetRP3 relief appearances9/17/2023
Bailey FalterPitRP3 relief appearances9/3/2023
Chris FlexenSeaRP3 relief appearances5/18/2023
Shintaro FujinamiOakRP3 relief appearances5/7/2023
Shintaro FujinamiOakRP3 relief appearances5/7/2023
Hunter GaddisCleRP3 relief appearances8/29/2023
Deivi GarciaCWSRP3 relief appearances9/13/2023
Tyler GilbertAriRP3 relief appearances7/24/2023
Chi Chi GonzalezMiaRP3 relief appearances9/22/2023
Zack GreinkeKCRP3 relief appearances9/13/2023
Michael GroveLADRP3 relief appearances8/29/2023
Brenan HanifeeDetRP3 relief appearances
Hogan HarrisOakRP3 relief appearances6/4/2023
Thomas HatchTorRP3 relief appearances6/15/2023
Brent HeadrickMinRP3 relief appearances4/27/2023
Andrew HeaneyTexRP3 relief appearances9/22/2023
Jon HeasleyKCRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Jon HeasleyKCRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Rich HillSDRP3 relief appearances9/13/2023
Spencer HowardTexRP3 relief appearances7/29/2023
Dakota HudsonStLRP3 relief appearances7/11/2023
Cole IrvinBalRP3 relief appearances7/28/2023
Drey JamesonAriRP3 relief appearances4/10/2023
Bryce JarvisAriRP3 relief appearances8/28/2023
Jake JunisSFRP3 relief appearances4/14/2023
James KaprielianOakRP3 relief appearances8/29/2023
Karl KauffmannColRP3 relief appearances8/23/2023
Brett KennedyCinRP3 relief appearances9/6/2023
Dallas KeuchelMinRP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Corey KluberBosRP3 relief appearances6/15/2023
Michael KopechCWSRP3 relief appearances9/17/2023
Matt KrookNYYRP3 relief appearances9/9/2023
Chad KuhlWasRP3 relief appearances6/4/2023
Peter LambertColRP3 relief appearances6/8/2023
Casey LeguminaCinRP3 relief appearances5/1/2023
Matthew LiberatoreStLRP3 relief appearances9/9/2023
Jeff LindgrenMiaRP3 relief appearances7/8/2023
Zach LogueDetRP3 relief appearances7/28/2023
Jacob LopezTBRP3 relief appearances8/28/2023
Michael LorenzenPhiRP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Sean ManaeaSFRP3 relief appearances5/25/2023
Alec MarshKCRP3 relief appearances8/23/2023
Adrian MartinezOakRP3 relief appearances4/10/2023
Steven MatzStLRP3 relief appearances6/15/2023
Victor MederosLAARP3 relief appearances8/4/2023
Luis MedinaOakRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Luis MedinaOakRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Mason MillerOakRP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Tyson MillerMilRP3 relief appearances5/7/2023
Tyson MillerMilRP3 relief appearances5/7/2023
Carmen MlodzinskiPitRP3 relief appearances6/22/2023
Cody MorrisCleRP3 relief appearances7/17/2023
Kyle MullerOakRP3 relief appearances9/13/2023
Chris MurphyBosRP3 relief appearances6/25/2023
Kyle NicolasPitRP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Adam OllerOakRP3 relief appearances4/20/2023
Adam OllerOakRP3 relief appearances4/20/2023
Reese OlsonDetRP3 relief appearances8/29/2023
Luis L. OrtizPitRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Luis L. OrtizPitRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Glenn OttoTexRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Glenn OttoTexRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Luis PatinoCWSRP3 relief appearances9/3/2023
Ryan PepiotLADRP3 relief appearances9/22/2023
Martin PerezTexRP3 relief appearances8/28/2023
David PetersonNYMRP3 relief appearances7/24/2023
Nick PivettaBosRP3 relief appearances6/4/2023
Cole RagansTexRP3 relief appearances4/10/2023
Colin ReaMilRP3 relief appearances9/22/2023
Jesse ScholtensCWSRP3 relief appearances5/25/2023
Connor SeaboldColRP3 relief appearances4/14/2023
Chase SilsethLAARP3 relief appearances5/4/2023
Devin SmeltzerMiaRP3 relief appearances5/1/2023
Drew SmylyChCRP3 relief appearances8/17/2023
Jose SorianoLAARP3 relief appearances6/11/2023
Jose SorianoLAARP3 relief appearances6/11/2023
Gavin StoneLADRP3 relief appearances9/22/2023
Ross StriplingSFRP3 relief appearances5/14/2023
Jose SuarezLAARP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Julio TeheranMilRP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Keegan ThompsonChCRP3 relief appearances4/10/2023
Jose UrquidyHouRP3 relief appearances9/6/2023
Louie VarlandMinRP3 relief appearances9/13/2023
Randy VasquezNYYRP3 relief appearances9/9/2023
Darius VinesAtlRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Darius VinesAtlRP3 relief appearances9/26/2023
Ken WaldichukOakRP3 relief appearances6/8/2023
Brandon WalterBosRP3 relief appearances7/8/2023
Thad WardWasRP3 relief appearances4/14/2023
Ryan WeathersMiaRP3 relief appearances8/29/2023
Tyler WellsBalRP3 relief appearances10/1/2023
Joey WentzDetRP3 relief appearances9/3/2023
Hayden WesneskiChCRP3 relief appearances7/1/2023
Mitchell WhiteTorRP3 relief appearances6/22/2023
Bryse WilsonMilRP3 relief appearances4/14/2023
Josh WinckowskiBosRP3 relief appearances4/8/2023
Josh WinderMinRP3 relief appearances6/18/2023
Keaton WinnSFRP3 relief appearances6/25/2023
Alex WoodSFRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Alex WoodSFRP3 relief appearances7/9/2023
Angel ZerpaKCRP3 relief appearances8/12/2023
Bruce ZimmermannBalRP3 relief appearances6/28/2023