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  • Reminder - updated draft lists for the Redistribution Draft (rounds 2-5) are due tonight at midnight EST
  • No changes are necessary, but it's an optional chance for you to rework the list


  • Welcome to Benchwarmer Baseball - It's a unique form of fantasy baseball as we play 150 individual head-to-head games in a season simulated from daily MLB stats - this isn't a Rotisserie game.
    • This is fantasy baseball 365 days a year.  Teams have just cut down their 40-man rosters to a maximum of 28 players that they can carry over onto their 2019 squads.  They are now about to participate in the annual Redistribution Draft, where teams that finished poorly last season get some advantages to try to rebuild for this year and the future.
    • Check out the Benchwarmer Baseball Tour for an introduction.
    • Check out our list of new leagues for 2019 that you can join to begin your dynasty.  Or, if you'd like to attempt to turn around a struggling team, view our available orphan teams ...pick up an existing team and rebuild it, rather than start from scratch.
      • If you're a first-time owner, you play under the "rookie rate" of $35 for your first team (normal price, $65)
      • Orphan teams are also just $35 - about 1/2 the normal price.
      • If you're interested, your first step is to sign up here.  Then go ahead and pick out a new league or check out the orphan list again.
    • Are you already a BWB team owner and want to add teams?  Check first to see if you have an available bonus team from 2018 or else add new teams here.  Email us if you want an orphan team and we'll set you up.

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  • Tobacco Road League Draft - Phase Two Draft - Part One is complete
    • See the league draft index for a linke to the results
    • Rosters are posted and team finances updated
    • Phase Two draft lists are now open again.  The deadline for Phase Two, Part Two is Monday night, Feb 18 at midnight EST



  • Tobacco Road League Draft - Phase One Draft is complete
    • See the league draft index - All contested picks are resolved
    • Rosters are posted and team finances updated
    • Phase Two draft lists are now open.  The deadline for Phase Two, Part One is Wednesday night, Feb 6 at midnight EST


  • Transaction Order is now reset for the Redistribution Draft and off-season free agency.  League champions draft last, runners-up are 15th, and the remaining division winners draft 13th and 14th.


  • Results of carryover choices posted.  View the Transactions page to see the cuts in your league.
  • The 2019 Redistribution Draft is now open.  You'll have just about 3 full weeks to make your selections (see the link on your team roster).  Deadline is Sunday night 2/3/19 Midnight EST.
  • For more information, see the rules regarding the Redistribution Draft
  • There's nearly 3 weeks to do your list for Round 1, but you should consider building for all 5 rounds
    • Then, after Feb 3, we post the results of only Round 1 only - any drafted players will be removed from the remainder of your lists.
    • You'll have 2 weeks to redo draft lists (if you choose), then we post the results of only Round 2 (again removing drafted players from your rounds 3-5)
    • Then one more week for an optional redo of your draft lists, and we post the results of Rounds 3-5
  • The season calendar of deadlines is posted, but the deadlines for the Redistribution Draft are:
    • Sun 2/3 - First submission - we post results for Round 1
    • Sun 2/17 - Adjust your lists for Rounds 2-5 - we post results for Round 2
    • Sun 2/24 - Adjust your lists for Rounds 3-5 - we post results for the remaining 3 rounds
  • The draft order is not yet updated - check back later this week
  • With all the cuts - the Trade Rumors list is cleared out in our annual deletion of everything.
  • Any players on your Prospect Roster have been moved back to your 40-man roster.  You can begin to move players to prospect status again after the Redistribution Draft.


  • Tonight is the deadline to pick which players you're keeping on your roster for 2019.  You can check all of your teams for errors on your carryover selections.  Deadline is Sunday night at midnight Pacific
  • For orphan teams assigned between 12/31 and 1/12, your orphan cash has just been distributed in a special financial update so that you can judge your team's finances accordingly. (Foster parents not included - that cash is distributed when a permanent owner is assigned).
  • All orphan teams currently have foster owners - thanks for the volunteers!


  • Reminder - Roster carryover choices are due on Sunday night at midnight Pacific (1/14/19, 3AM EST)
  • 108 New players added to the list based on the 40-man rosters
    • This is the only player addition until after Opening Day
    • To find them - In the filter/search area of the player lists, look for the "New in 2019" menu
  • Luis Valbuena, who died in a car crash last month, was removed from the BWB player list and automatically removed from the rosters of 10 BWB teams.


  • Final offseason culling of the player list - 131 players removed from the game, including just 1 who was on a BWB roster - Henderson Alvarez (who was automatically removed from any BWB rosters).
  • Position for all players for 2019 are now finalized (after checking all the minor league players).
  • Next step is to add the new players into the game based on MLB 40-man rosters - shooting to get them posted by Sunday night.



  • Happy New Year!
  • Week Thirty Transactions Posted - These are the trades in the Fall trading period #2
    • Trades are now closed until after the Redistribution Draft is completed in February.
    • Your picks for which players you'll keep on your roster in 2019 are due on Sunday night, January 13 at midnight Pacific (1/14/19, 3AM EST)
    • 125 players were removed from the game on the basis of retirement or signing to play in foreign ball, including these 8 that were on BWB rosters: Chris Anderson, Cody Ege, Jose Fernandez, Jeff Ferrell, Casey Kelly, John Lackey, Jefry Marte, and Jake Thompson.  Those players have been automatically deleted from any BWB rosters.
  • Coming later this week - planned to post by the end of next weekend:
    • Minor league results for 2018, including financial bonus awards
    • New players added to the list for 2019
    • I have to look at the transaction order for the Redistribution Draft and will need to reset it (criteria are a bit different in season vs. off season)
    • There are some page/site fixes to come as well

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